Things Girls say when they are on dieting

Things Girls say when they are on dieting
Things Girls say when they are on dieting

Well, Weight has somehow or always been an issue for womaniya. Almost one and every girl you know, or exists in this world, at some point in time, she feels or thinks that she is fat. Here below, I am writing few of the stupid things, which girls say while they are dieting.

Yaar I really miss junk foods. But do you know when I see myself in the mirror, itni khushi hoti hai ki I don’t feel bad at all.

No thank you, I don’t eat, I mean I can’t have oily food. I stopped eating oily foods, it contains so much fat and you know I am on diet these days. You should also be stopped eating oily foods.

Please don’t eat chocolate in front me, it’s making to cheat on me. I can’t have chocolate because I am on diet these days. Five minutes later – Chal ek bite de de. Fifteen minutes later – Today was my cheat day, I deserve it.

Sorry, I can’t come tonight as I go for jogging early morning at 5 am. We can meet at daytime.

Thank you so much, but I can’t have these paranthas. I am only on Olive Oil, no ghee, no butter.

Hey, can you go out with me for shopping? I need to buy clothes as all my apparel getting loose.

Do you see any changes in me ?? Like, do I look thin or slim nowadays!!

Have been eating healthy all day! Do I looks skinny yet??

Have you heard of ballerina tea?

You know celery has negative calories, right?

My jeans are still kinda tight. That means I haven’t loose any weight.

I just hate junk food, I don’t bring it into the house, that’s it.

How many calories in salt??

I said, No to sugar. Do you have Splenda??

Do you know how many liters of water you’re supposed to drink a day?

I am Sooo hungary.

Seriously, get these chips away from me.

“Um, ‘I wish I was skinnier,’ ‘ I wish I didn’t look like this. I wish I looked like her.

I had areallyl rough day. So, I deserve this.


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