Things you must consider to take while travelling

Things you must consider to take while travelling

Things you must consider to take while travelling!

Packing for a vacation can be a bane! Things to take and things not to take- one dilemma that keeps on bothering you, even a day before leaving! Here is the list of things not to forget when packing for your vacations:

  1. First aid kit: One thing you should always carry in your travel bag. The kit need not to be an elaborated box, but few important pills such as pain killers, headache disprines, etc. along with bandages and cotton will do. If you experience motion sickness, carry toffees and sweets or even antacid tablets. Also Read:why travel insurance is important.
  2. Big bags: Yes you heard that right! Always carry a larger bag i.e., leave some space for your holiday purchases. Do not overstuff your bags with unnecessary things. If you are carrying just necessities and your bag is over weighted, try and make a new smaller bag to take along.
  3. Single pair of shoes: You need not carry bulky foot wears to go along with every outfit you’ll be wearing over the vacation. Just one pair of shoes will do.
  4. Minimum cosmetics: Shampoos and sun lotions are available at every hotel at almost every corner of the world! Also, avoiding liquid cosmetic products saves you from unnecessary spillages inside your bags!   Also Read: 10 Best Travel Hacks
  5. Valuables: Things without which your vacation is incomplete or which are way too important for a being to survive. It may be a camera for one person or just a paperback novel for another. It may be a pair of sunnies or just a musician’s guitar or ipod.
  6. All weather cloths: Do not go with predictions over weather! Keep a winter jacket even if you are heading to a hot place. Keep an umbrella, even if you are going to a desert point!
  7. Towels: Keep a bundle of towels with you. Small, large, over size. Though, most of the holiday accommodations provide you with towels, but keep yourself ready to face a shoddy situation that may crop up during the time you are traveling!
  8. Essentials: Make a separate handbag for all the essentials that you require all the time! Be it your contact lens kit, passport, earphones, phone charger and bag mirrors. Store everything that you may deem fit.
  9. Food: For the initial travel, you may carry home-made food, in case you do not like the food being served on plane or in train or you are not sure if you’ll get a vegetarian meal on your way!
  10. Side accessories: There are a lot of things that comes under this category and depending on the type of location you are heading to, you can decide your side accessories. For example, if you are going for a vacation at any water-less desert, make sure to carry a squeezable water bottle, a torch and a knife.
  11. Extra cards: Keep your E-money with you always while traveling, no matter how much cash you’ve got, you should always be prepared for any financial contingency in a foreign land!

Enjoy your vacations, folks!


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