Things you should never tell your daughter


That she is a girl, a woman of feminine gender daughterTrust me dear parents, her whole anatomy scream female and she is AWARE of it. So why pinpoint the obvious and make her feel…awkward about it?

That she cannot do ‘this’ because she is a girl.

I mean, can you come up with any better reason or excuse for your orthodox thoughts? Maybe you might say that because you absolutely care for her as she happens to be your LITTLE PRINCESS.

But you seem to forget that – SHE IS A QUEEN IN MAKING and she will rule, given the opportunity.

She cannot go to certain places because the crowd is not good.

The real question is – will you, for once, let her be the judge of that? If she isn’t given a taste of freedom how will she realize its importance and value?

She cannot have MALE friends or male companions coming at home.

That is simply annoying. Why discriminate? Why make her think in a way that men are bad or that they should be with the same gender all the time? Then, I guess, the concept of co-education should be brought to a stop. When will she actually earn to interact with ANYONE and EVERYONE without the slightest bit of hesitation or awkwardness?

She cannot wear this.

Your girl is BIG enough to understand theLOC: Location, Occasion and Company of dressing, why stress more about it? She surely cannot wear Traditional for Seminars and Formal clothes for Clubbing or going out with friends. Let her express herself with her TASTE OF CLOTHES and SENSE OF FASHION because in the long run it plays a major role in shaping her personality.

She must not UPLOAD pictures on social networking sites.

This couldn’t get weird anymore. WHO doesn’t love a little bit of praise and appreciation? The social media is meant to enjoy, connect and have fun. Being the doting parents you are and you CANNOT HELP BUT WORRY, I assure you that if you take up the topic of BEING SENSIBLE ONLINE in a gentle manner she will abide by the rules and also agree with you.

She should be the caring and generous one in the family.

Sorry parents, girls these days surely won’t SACRIFICE. They might COMPROMISE and even NEGOTIATE, yes, they will do that but please don’t ask them or expect them to always keep ‘family first’ in mind.

She is lucky that her parents DON’T DISCRIMINATE between her and her brother.

That hurts. Every time when somebody says that as if they are doing a HUGE FAVOR on them and they should feel grateful and thankful about it.

Well, who the hell even listens to this one? Cause blind love turns DEAF too! But still don’t restrict her from making decisions that might alter her life; especially marriage decisions.

There are many things that parents should avoid telling their darling daughters for it might unintentionally hurt their sentiments. Also, BE HER FRIEND FIRST because she needs that more being the sensitive little sugarplum she happens to be!


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