If You Think Dharamshala Is Losing Its Charm, This Photographer Will Make You Change Your Mind

If You Think Dharamshala Is Losing Its Charm, This Photographer Will Make You Change Your Mind
If You Think Dharamshala Is Losing Its Charm, This Photographer Will Make You Change Your Mind

You probably have visited the pleasant city of Dharamshala situated in Himachal Pradesh and considered as the Scotland in India. We all have a different memory about Dharamshala such as exploring small towns in the lap of nature, trip to the mountain etc. Whereas some of us remind of Bhagsu waterfall and cold water flowing beneath our feet and we enjoyed the warm noodles there. Not to forget the mention of the Triund trek.


Well making out your trip to the mountain has something philosophical and spiritual in it. This is not the trip for enjoying the vacation. This can be the trip of self-exploration where you get the stress free atmosphere and real peace of mind. Cricket lovers also get attracted to the beautiful Dharamshala stadium.


And if we talk about the experience of Abhinav Chandel, then we have to admit it honestly that he has found his soul in Dharamshala. he has just explored himself and lost in the valley of a mountain here. You can witness his passion by checking out his Instagram photographs which depict his fascination about Dharamshala.


“I visited McLeodganj for one month trip and it was like never leave this holy place. This place does not stick to give only the peace mountain but it gives more than that. It is my playground, and definitely, it is a lifetime learning experience. The people of Dharamshala are progressive, large-hearted, warm and extremely noble in nature” says Abhinav, who is photographer, traveler and a writer and moved to McLeodganj in 2014.


There are so many things to explore in McLeodganj, every day new people visits here and it feels great when you are fortunate to meet new people, listen to their stories and experience the nature completely. It is definitely a peaceful life” he quoted.

And we all can see these scenic pictures taken by him and witness the eternal beauty of Dharamshala and McLeodganj.

And we haven’t ever experienced this sunrise until we visit Dharamshala

What’s better than this sitting in window enjoying the horizon?

Trekking in mountain definitely feel real peace of mind

And winter brings you the snow-covered land with ample joy

And the lines that draw the grey color as the reality of land

And this is really a natural view, we have often seen in calendar or postcard

Nights are quiet gentle and sober for you

Enjoy the evening by watching the beautiful sunset view

And what about this, alone in the world of star, quiet amazing

Spirituality lies in the pure humanity, just take a look

Stars are also enjoying this place

Wow! everything is shaded with spellbound snow and cold air

And this one has given us a feeling of dark natural peace

Clicking this picture is making sun numbness

Need a dream house in the valley of nature, like this one

Raining makes streets more beautiful

Time to feel inner spirituality and consciousness within you

Waterfall with these rocks, a great place to sit and enjoy

It’s a great place where time is passing gently

Walking alone on the road will bring natural peace

Water comes from mountain and bring life to nature and human

And the beauty of this place is eternal in every season


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