This karwa chauth, fast for your Wife! Will you Fast?

karwa-chauth-7This karwa chauth, fast for your wife Will you Fast

This karwa chauth, fast for your wife, with your wife

“I wonder, what she’s made of, I am astonished by her frame, I can’t imagine myself like her, she does it all without a say”

To all the husbands out there!

Please don’t deny, you feel the same way for the love of your life –your wife!

Normally, you reciprocate to her love, by gifting her something tangible! Materialistic to be precise! No doubt, she gets happy and ecstatic, but don’t you feel, the return of love must be as beautiful as it was hers!

Trust me; it cannot be compensated, by being a consumerist! So, mark this karwa chauth, as an occasion, to make her feel beautiful and loved!

Show her, that it’s only because of her ubiquitous presence that you surpassed every hurdle that came your way. You can portray this amazing feeling of yours by Fasting for her too, on this karwa chauth!!

Now please, don’t act like you can’t! Yes, you definitely can! When she can, then even you can!

Just think of how much she loves you, how much she does for you effortlessly. Close your eyes for a moment and think what would have happened, if she wouldn’t have been there!

Just for once, in your imagination, let her leave you!

Well yes! Exactly, this is the feeling I am talking of!  Feel her love and affection, and you will be able to do it, just like she does!

In addition, fasting together will forge your marital ties even stronger and the love, more alive! You both can even cook together that day! Trust me; your bond will grow stronger after you both sacrifice for each other that day! Who says, love fades with time?

Apart from your love being the reason, there’s even one more practical and scientific reason, for which you both can fast on that day.

Human body needs detoxification once in a while, to drain all the wastes out of the body. One has to be on a liquid diet for the same, for an entire day! So, both of you can celebrate your “Detoxification day” apart from it being an eve of karwa chauth! It will also make it easier to fast, by being concerned about your health.

Still not convinced!

Well then I know, you guys have a strange kind of attraction towards “power”. Power to anything attracts you all! Well then realize that only u n only u have that “Power”, to make your wife happy, the way no one in this universe can. You know y! Because she really loves you!

So, this Karwa chauth, use your special power to make her happy by either fasting for her secretly or by fasting together.




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