This karwa chauth make her feel special by gifting her this.

karwa chauth

This karwa chauth make her feel special by gifting her this.

“Day seems longer, throat grows soar, hunger strikes hard, and moon doesn’t show. Yet there’s strength in my heart, to wait for it to glow, as today is the day to sow my love to you”

Karwa chauth is an auspicious eve which is celebrated by the Hindu wives throughout the country. It is believed to be celebrated to mark the love; a wife has for her husband. It is trusted to forge the bond of marriage as well as to always keep the husband in good health!

This day starts with a meal, which is to be eaten before sun rise in order to fill those hungry spots in the tummy. This meal gives wife the energy to be without food and water for the entire day. Can you believe it! No drop of water or a morsel of food in the mouth!

It really doesn’t sound like walking on the roses. Hence, they must be presented with something worthwhile, as a token of your love to them in return!

This article is for the married men, who always wonder what to gift their wives, on the eve of Karva Chauth every year.

Well here are some, you can choose from:

  • Getting her gifts:

Well you can really buy her the things; she kept nudging you with for a long time. It can be a diamond necklace ring; ear rings etc. depending upon what she likes the most! Even if she hasn’t revealed of her “wants”, laden her with gifts by yourself!

  • Cooking “Day off”:

You know she has always been working, when at home. Not a day would have passed by, when she hasn’t cooked you a meal (except for some few of course!).So, this karwa chauth, restrict her entry into the Kitchen. You can make her feel more special by you cooking for her that day!

  • Take her out for dinner:

Well, you can take her out for a romantic dinner. Spend some time together and actually talk and share while savoring the delicious meal served on the table, just by your words. And please, let only her order her favorites that day!

  • Fast for her secretly and give her a surprise at night:

Well, I believe this is the most amazing gesture that a husband can show his wife. Despite of her selfless love and care all a wife expects is to feel loved in return!  I don’t find a better way to do so! This will showcase your love for her and she will know that you will always be there for her.

  • Plan for something beautiful for the evening:

You can plan something really amazing. By taking her out for a long drive, then proposing to her, like you want to marry her all over again and then taking her for a candle light dinner, somewhere really far. Talking to her on the way, playing her favorite music! etc

Make her feel special:

You can make her feel special, by even the small gestures, like getting her a rose, kissing her on the cheek, carrying her in the bedroom, like the initial days and a lot more!

There are a number of things you can do to make her feel special. Yet, there’s nothing more beautiful than staying with her for all your life, both in her ups and downs. Even a Rose and you will make her happy. “

“Just listen to her on this eve, just let her speak, and I bet you will wonder, what  an amazing piece of art she has been”


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