This Manipur village became the last to get electricity, the government finally declared “India fully Electrified”

India Electrified

Saturday was followed by a plethora of rushing cheers and appreciations among the Union ministers while they rejoiced for finally putting up a “Completely Electrified and Powerful India”, before the estimated deadline.

Leisang, a Manipur village had been ranked as the last hamlet to add on to its national electricity grate. The rural electrification scheme has been possible due to it being one of the most popular schemes by our esteemed PM Narendra Modi. According to this scheme, almost 18,452 demographic villages were to be enlightened with the electricity supply, who haven’t ever witnessed the power since the Independence. LPG establishment scheme is also one of the most popular schemes following this and is also scheduled to be implemented successfully prior to the elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence speech in 2015, promised the citizens that he would provide the electricity connection to all the halting villages, who are devoid of it within the next 1000 days but tends to have achieved his target within just 987 days. In response to his acclaimed triumph, he tweeted, “I salute the efforts of all those who worked tirelessly on the ground, including the team of officials, the technical staff and all others, to make this dream of a #PowerfulIndia a reality. Their efforts today will help generations of Indians in the coming years.”

Also, Amit shah, the BJP  president mockingly quoted in accord to the Congress that, “Today, the entire nation is celebrating power for every single village while the Congress is mourning the loss of power for one family.”

In a blatant response by a Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted,“Dear Amit Shahji, India has 6,49,867 villages. Congress connected 97% with electricity. During UPA (2004-14), Congress electrified 1,07,600 villages. In 60 yrs, Congress average is electrifying 10,000 villages per year. Congress created #PowerfulIndia but didn’t boast!”

Also, the analysts’ have pondered over the proclaimed achievement practically and claimed that it is a very petty accomplishment to be really proud of. Further, Himangshu, a professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University has further revealed that “Any infrastructural addition or benefits earn credit for the party in power. But in the rural electrification scheme, only the remaining 3% of villages have been provided power. Also, most of the remaining villages are not densely populated.”

It were the chief NDA ministers who had their undeterred attention, gripped only to its completion. Prakash Javadekar tweeted, “After 70 years of independence, #Electricity now reached all Indian villages because of 4 years focused efforts of @narendramodi Government.”  Also, the power minister Piyush Goyal was seen opinionating as, “Under the decisive leadership of PM @NarendraModi India has finally been able to electrify all its villages before the set target date. With the elimination of darkness from the lives of fellow Indian villagers, we commit ourselves to building a new and #PowerfulIndia.”

Lastly, In accordance with the Bloomberg report, a village is only considered electrified, “if 10% of its households, as well as public places, are connected”.

Whatever, it may be but Kudos! to the achievement and we wish to see more in the coming future!



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