Top 10 Crazy Facts About Various Countries That Will Blow Your Mind

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10 facts about various countries that will blow your mind


Boys can pour water over ‘damsels in distress’ and whip them up. Read on to know which country promotes the culture…


1)In Netherlands, school finishes at midday on Wednesdays.

Children in Netherlands are more happy on Wednesdays. You ask why? It’s intended so parents can spend quality time with their primary school-aged children. Many employers also let parents to go home at half-day on Wednesdays.


2)A widely believed urban legend in South Korea is “fan death,” i.e., if you are sleeping in a closed room containing a running electric fan, it will probably cost you your life.Believers attribute fan death to hypothermia or asphyxiation, allegedly caused by the fan.

south korea-'fan death'


3)In Bhutan, wearing seatbelts in a car is considered dangerous.

Residents fear belts will trap them in their vehicles if their cars fall off one of the country’s plentiful 20,000-plus mountains.

seat belts


4)In Slovakia, it’s a tradition for boys to pour water over girls and whip them on Easter.

In Slovakia, on Easter Monday, it’s tradition for boys to pour water over girls and whip them lightly with adorned willow branches that have ribbons attached, in an event named šibačka. The whipping is generally symbolic and taken with sporting spirits.

slovakia ester monday


5)Nodding means “no” in Bulgaria.

On the contrary, shaking your head means YES!

bulgaria facts


6)In Norway, graduating high school students attend a russefeiring, where they wear colored overalls, rent buses or vans, and party for 17 days in a row.

The partying starts on April 20 and ends on May 17, which is Norwegian Constitution Day. People spend HEFTY amount of money for the event.



7)Blood type is a huge deal in Japan.

In Japanese culture, your blood type supposedly determines much about your personality. Articles about celebrities will list their blood types, and you can buy condoms tailored to your blood type. Dating someone with a complementary blood type is considered an efficient way to find your match. Bizarre! Ain’t it?

blood type

8)An ample number of New Zealanders go out in public barefoot.

 Kiwis are generally very casual and couldn’t care less if you don’t wear footwear. Sounds pretty unbelievable but coooool!

barefoot newzealanders


9)You have to pay for a license to watch TV in Britain.

Since April 1, 2010, the annual license fee for households has been £145.50 for color TVs. The revenue generated from this  funds the BBC.

tv license


10)At a Dutch birthday party, you congratulate all the guests, excluding the person who’s celebrating his/her birthday.

So you would meet and greet the boyfriend at a birthday party for his girlfriend and say, “Gefeliciteerd!” (“Congrats!”) on your girlfriend’s birthday and vice-versa! Weird! Don’t you think?



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