Top 10 lies boys tell to their girlfriends

lies boys tell to their partner

Well, relationships are a package of bitter and sour, laden with oodles of love at one and hatred at the other with lying, ofcourse a quintessential part of it!

There are two types of lies: trivial lies and white lies!

White lies are the ones, which are told to make the other person happy whereas trivial lies are not-so-important lies!

The relationships usually follow the white lies!

You never love a person, unless you temporarily want to kill them!

Here is a list of top 10 lies that boys tell their girlfriends, but sadly guys, we understand your every placate move!

“My phone was on silent”

Well, this is one of the most caught up lie. The esteemed boyfriend’s phone would be claimed to be away or charging or loitering somewhere to relax on its own, when you give a call and just a minute later, he’s seen online! I mean what the…..!!

“No, I don’t watch porn anymore”

Well guys, even we know, what your search history shouts at the top of its pop!

“I won’t ever lie to you!”

Well, he definitely will, as guys have this special talent of doing the things, which their girlfriends solemnly loathe like double dating, lying, no-girlfriend time, etc.

“You are the most beautiful girl to me!”

Well, we are much aware of the reason behind these sugar coated words, so as to conceal your guilt when we catch up your secluded “not-in-girlfriends-reach” kinda thing of yours!

“I’ll just be reaching within five minutes”

And don’t worry; here too we are well aware of your scrounging around, gobbling up anything under the sun, still on your bed, with your boxers on!

“I have missed you so much”

Oh really! We just spoke on the phone like five minutes ago! Dude!

“I’m Listening”

This is the most annoying one I must say, you know how much we girls love to share and thus, seeking the attention, post that! Yet, there you are, engrossed in your stupid game in your stupid phone, stupid you! He wouldn’t have heard a damn word!

“I trust you!”

How ironical! As they trust you but as soon as you ask for their credit/debit card, it’s suddenly somewhere misplaced! Like if it would have really gone missing, they would have been chilling out so calm! Guys! Shut up!

“I don’t find the sexist jokes funny”

Huh?? N what about the time, when you make one of yours, targeting us!

“I will never make you cry”

Yet every time, when we sleep with the tears dripping down the cheeks, eyes red, and pillow wet, how come is the reason is the same person who committed not to do that in the first place!


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