Top 10 Marvel Movies

top 10 marvel movies

Top 10 Marvel Movies : The Results are marvelous when our favorite characters get transferred to the screen. To form a list, one needs to go back at ten years worth of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and decide which 10 are on top. Here is the task is done easier.

Blade 2

❖ Blade 2

Coming out in 2002, it’s one of Marvel’s earliest films. Guillermo del Toro brings his keen eye for the weird to this sharp sequel and the result is arguably the best in a series. Wesley Snipes returns as the half-vampire who is needed to take down a strain of newer and more ravenous vampires. Unflinching violence and bone-crunching fights seal the deal nicely.

Doctor strange

❖ Doctor strange

The  Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to fantasy but the first cinematic appearance of the master of the mystic arts kicked things up. When brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Strange has his hands mangled in a brutal car wreck, his search for treatment leads him down a pretty unexpected path, one that ends with him as Earth’s newest magical protector. With Psychedelic visuals and epic fight scenes that combine spell-casting and martial arts, this is one of the most visually dazzling entries in the MCU and that is saying something: Thankfully one doesn’t need an eye of an eagle to turn back time and watch it again.

The Incredible Hulk

❖ The Incredible Hulk

It is the incredible sequel to the not so incredibly original. Edward Norton takes a hike, brings the tormented scientist with a dark green secret to life. His romantic chemistry with Arwenor  Liv Tyler is palpable and he earns that audience sympathy. With that being said, the master fights at the end are just plain awesome.

Captain America: The First Avenger

❖ Captain America: The First Avenger

Ignoring the fact that he already played the human torch, quintessential white gut Chris Evans stars as the ultimate symbol of freedom Captain America. Set in World War 2, the first Avenger features the cap fighting to protect the free world from the evil Red Skull and his insidious Nazi splinter group Hydra.  Frozen at the end, Captain America reawakens to the modern that needs a hero once more.

Thor: Ragnarok

❖ Thor: Ragnarok

The first few entries of Thor weren’t the most exciting films that MCU had to offer but the third installment changed that in a big way. Combining director TaikaWaititi’s trademark humor with the futuristic aesthetic inspired by the art of Jack Kirby, the film is an absolute blast from start to finish. In addition to familiar faces like Thor, Loki,  and Heimdall, the film also introduces the whole whack of characters to the MCU and the audience will be excited to see any of them return for more movies.

Avengers: Infinity War

❖ Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War, by far Marvel studios, the most ambitious project to date, brings together practically all its major characters for an epic confrontation with the man Titan himself Thanos. Once again, Joe and Anthony Russo pulled off a giant cross-over event that feels like a comic book come to life. But its Josh Brolin’sThanos that simply steals the show. There is more to Thanos than meets the eye and while this enormous cast of characters come together as something fans have been eagerly waiting for, they couldn’t possibly have anticipated what Infinity War ultimately delivers.


❖ Spiderman

“Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!” With its first big-screen appearance, textbook nerd Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically enhanced super spider, giving him special powers that he eventually uses to fight crime. As in the comics, Petre soon finds out that the line between his personal life and his life as a superhero begins to blur as friends become enemies and those he loves most become their targets.

Spiderman Homecoming

❖ Spiderman Homecoming

For years, Marvel fans have wanted to see the friendly neighborhood. Spiderman finally joined the MCU to appear alongside the other Marvel heroes. After appearing in Captain America Civil War, the webhead swung into his solo MCU adventure and the result was everything its fans wanted. Who would have ever thought that the vulture would turn out to be a great and memorable villain?

Black Panther

❖ Black Panther

Another newcomer to the MCU who had his debut in the civil war, the king of Wakanda’s first cinematic solo outing quickly became one of the most beloved and successful comic-book movies ever. Ryan Coogler’s film is a brilliant and visually breathtaking offering that perfectly balance superhero actions with relevant themes and that is not even getting into Michael B Jordan’s performance as kill monger, a villain who people are already the best in the history of the MCU.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

❖ Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Part superhero epic and part tot spy thriller, Captain  America’s second adventure came out at the gate running. When Kaplan covers a Hydra orchestrated conspiracy within the ranks of the shield, he and the Black Widow go rogue to stop the sinister Hydra before they can unleash a fleet of helicarriers on an unsuspecting public. Things only get complicated when the captain learns the true identity of the Winter Soldier, Hydra’s top assassin. Where itscommon for middle films in a trilogy to be the weakest in the series, second Captain America film breaks that trend in a glorious fashion.



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