Top 10 off-beat yet lucrative career options in today’s time.


Off-beat yet lucrative careers just for you

There is a universal myth that the higher the pay, the greater the stress. That’s not always the case as there are lot of careers options available with handsome pay-cheques with low or no stress. However, antonymous to public perception, there are various jobs that pay well and will still make sure you have a nice social life. We list top 10 career options just for you if you are not that typical “9-5” job kind a person yet wants to earn decently well. Read on…

Food stylist: Making food look good  

The moment we hear about chocolate seeping brownies to cheese sopping perfectly grilled pizzas, have you ever thought why these attractive pictures play in our mind with the very mention of these goodies? The credit for this goes to those creative minds which gives a yummy dish its face. Rated among the unconventional career choices, food styling is slowly making fame as more and more individuals are opting for it.



Celebrity chef Micheal Swamy and a renowned food stylist and photographer says, “Food stylists take a creative brief, and then with recipe in hand, shops for groceries and garnishes. The food stylist is an integral part of the shoot, fiddling on set to make the dish divine, using tools-of-the-trade tweezers, syringe, dry ice and even blowtorches! It is all about making a dish look so appetizing that you want to eat it right off the page.”

There are no necessary educational qualifications required to become a food stylist. While on-the-job training remains the most vital path to a successful career as a food stylist, a degree from a hotel management institute will give you basic knowledge on food preparation and handling. It may also offer coursework on food science, so you will know how to handle food under different conditions. It is better for candidates to begin their professional journey as a subordinate to a stylist where the remuneration can vary from Rs 500 to Rs 1,500 per assignment. With time and experience, a professional can earn anything from Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 a day, going up to as much as Rs 50, 000 to Rs 60,000 a day.

Corporate caterer: They cater in style

Caterers are supposed to be inventive, clean and should be on their toes with ideas when it comes to events and its food planning. It is here that corporate caterers offer an unmatched selection of event spaces from classic and elegant to contemporary and cutting edge, keeping in mind the type of the event and the people in it.


Any event has to gripping enough to leave some sweet memories. The spread should have some aesthetics, planned according to the venue and gathering which certainly needs some planning and basic sense of catering.  Corporate evenings are fortified with excellent epicure of food and unmatched hospitality. Corporate means professionalism, so parties are also projected to be arranged professionally so that each and every one present in the event remembers it for a long time.

Presentation, a vision, professionalism and the aesthetics to plan a menu according to the guests is what a corporate caterer has to take care of. Imagine if you end up serving some slimy looking shrimps to a foreign delegate? It is important to plan a menu that could suit the standards of the guests and the scale of the corporate event. Usually certificate courses are six months to one year long, with  Bachelor and diploma courses are of one and a half to three year’s duration is the minimum requirement for this job. As an executive trainee or a management trainee, you can take home Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000 a month. Once you start working and acquire knowledge in this particular area, salaries will automatically take a rise. A senior corporate catering professional can earn in the range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 a month. The money in this profession is even more eye-catching.

Data analysts: An MBA degree in finance or statistics can help you get projects. However, this being a technical field, prior experience will make it easier for you to get projects. The estimate earning is around Rs 400-800 per hour.


Corporate training: For training for soft skills, marketing, etc, companies often hire trainers from outside. An in-depth knowledge and the gift to speak can help you bag this role. The estimate earning is around Rs 5000 to 20,000 per training sessions.


Website designing: This work is often given to freelance workers for better creativity and the need of specific knowledge field. The estimate earning is around Rs 20,000. It may be more depending on the complexity of design.


E-tutoring: Distance education is in vogue for which recruiters often hire seasoned or teachers with experience. For lower classes, it may come up to 15-200 per hour and for higher classes, Rs 500-800 per hour.


Photography: For photographers, the projects have increased in manifolds. The earning can range up to Rs 3000 to Rs 5000, depending upon the assignment and the number of hours.


Content writing: When it comes to content, no industry in the world can survive without good content as it forms the backbone of any organization, website and social media. Go ahead and give this profession a shot! Writers can earn upto 1 lakh per month in a fixed desk job. As far as freelancers are concerned, seasoned writers are even paid up to Rs 5-10 per word. The minimum it can go to even 50 paise per word.


Dietitian: Dietitians are a crucial support for people jostling to combat lifestyle hazards like obesity. With the average pressure levels on rise, the demand for the demand for the services of dietitians can only shoot up. While earning a hefty salary, Dieticians work in hospitals, clinics, schools, or even open up their own clinics. On an average, a dietician earns approximately 4 to 10 lakhs p.a. Celebrity dietician may earn upto 40- 90 lakh p.a, depending on their clients, experience and expertise.


 Geoscientists: A Geoscientist studies the nature of the Earth’s surface, conducts extensive research on physical aspects of a particular region and the impact of human activities in a particular region. Often with a Master’s degree you can join an entry level position and earn well in the private sector. The salary of a Geoscientist may range from 8.5-30 lakh p.a. Exciting it sounds, isn’t it?


Political Scientists: Political Scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. Often requiring a Ph.D in political science or public administration, such people can be employed in senior roles in the government or in various political parties. A political scientist takes home around 6-40 lakh p.a.


*All the figures mentioned above are approximate figures and it may vary according to person & person depending upon their skill-set and caliber.

So which career will you be opting for?


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