Top 10 protein rich diets for vegetarians


Top 10 protein rich diets for vegetarians:-

Proteins are important components of the cells of our body. From tissue repair to the construction of our bones and hairs, proteins are indispensable part of our body systems. They are important building blocks of Enzymes, hormones, muscles etc. Vegetarian foodies have limited number of resources which are rich in proteins in comparison to non-vegetarian meals. Let’s check out the some rich sources of protein which are vegetarian as well.

Beans/ Legumes:- Legumes such as lentils, grams and beans such as soyabean are rich sources of proteins. Beans contain about 10-12 gms of protein per 100 gms of beans.


Nuts:- Cashews, almonds and raisins are the rich sources of proteins and almonds have a number of benefits, one must have them in their daily diets.


Guavas:- Guavas are a great source of Calcium, Vitamin C and proteins. Also good for those having diabetes due to lesser carbohydrates in them.


Avocadoes:-Very rich in protein content, avocadoes are rich in proteins. One must use avocadoes in meals in the form of dips, salads etc.


Cauliflower:-Quite a common vegetable in north India, somewhat rich in protein sources. Can be cooked easily in Indian Kitchens.


Broccoli:- Main ingredient of continental dishes, broccoli must be eaten as sallads as this is rich in minerals too.


Coconut:-From coconut water to coconut pulp, everything is nutritious about the coconut. One must consume it in the form of dips or peeled off    to get the maximum benefit.


Banana:- Banana a good source of energy and proteins, one must eat on daily basis. It also helps the people suffering from constipation related problems.


Figs:- Figs are the healthy sources of proteins and about 100 gms of figs give about .38 gms of proteins.


 Apples:- Apples can be consumed in any form like in cakes, dried, raw or cooked. They are rich source of protein i.e. why one has said, ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor.

Apple fruit


Protein rich diet increases muscles instead of fatty tissues and helps give a glowing skin and hairs. Do include all these strictly vegetarian resources of protein in your meal plan and see the difference.



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