TOP 12 Must Visit Goa Weekend Getaways

weekend getaway

The fun-filled water sports, spectacular beaches, and numerous churches, Goa has everything to make your vacation a memorable affair.

Traversing and exploring Goa will remain incomplete if you don’t take on weekend getaways from Goa to its bordering regions. There are many popular getaways from Goa which are must visit during your summer vacation.

Here is a list of some of the most alluring summer weekend getaways near Goa.

  • Amboliweekend getaway

One of the nearest hill stations from Goa is Amboli. It is located at around 121km from the city of beaches. Amboli is bestowed with the finest beautiful ancient temples, waterfall, and spectacular sunrise and sunset points. This place is one of the most romantic weekend getaways near Goa. Nangartas Waterfall, Mahadevgad, Sea View Point, Hiranyakeshi, and Kavlesaad Point are amongst the attractions of Amboli.

  • Yellapur

weekend getaway

Drive for 156km from Goa, Yellapur is a picture perfect romantic weekend getaway for a devoted nature worshipper and the avid photographer. Lush trees dancing on tunes of the breeze, cool wind creases the cheeks–this place offers a whole different experience. Yellapur tends to be a less crowded weekend getaway.

  • Chorla Ghats

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The most visited nature destination Chorla Ghats is situated at just 58km’s to the north-east of Panjim Goa. This place shelters unusual species of wild animals and a variety of birds and butterflies in its forests. Waterfalls there at Chorla Ghats offers a dramatic natural view. Twin Vajra Waterfalls and Peak of Lasni Tomb are the major attractions of this place

  • Dudh Sagar Waterfalls

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Dudh Sagar Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls of India located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary at around 72km away from Goa. This place is near Karnataka border, according to the Konkani language, ‘Dudh Sagar means Sea Of Milk’. One has to go through the forest department of Collem to visit the waterfall. This is the best weekend getaway for summers.

weekend getaway

Kawar is situated in Karnataka just 83km’s from Goa. This place is heaven for the beauty admirers and shopaholics. Karwar is a gorgeous weekend getaway destination near Goa for [picnic. The location of this landmark near to the tourist hub of Goa makes it one of the most visited places near the city by the travelers.

  • Dandeli

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Dandeli is the famous hill station located near the river bank of Kali in the state of Karnataka 90km’s away from Goa. This hill station is 1551 feet above the sea level. You can enjoy adventure activity like bike riding and cycle on the mountain road, water rafting on the river of Kali, etc. Another attraction of this place is the second largest Wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this place with Jungle jeep safari.

  • Tarkarli

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Tarkali is situated 115km away from Goa. This place is famous for its long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine water, white sand, and of course Singhudurg. Tarkarli offers Maharashtra’s popular and tempting sea fort.

  • Belgaum

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Belgaum is situated 105 Km far from Goa. Being a fort city, the history of Belgaum dates back to the era of the 13th century. Surviving through wars, battles, and sophistication. This place stands strong with the tales of its existence. An Inviting Trip Through Belgaum From forts to temples, there are numerous places of interest in Belgaum. It is popular amongst tourists for its 13th-century Jain temples which are built amid the greenery of the town. If you are fascinated by history then Belgaum is a must visit weekend getaway.

  • Malvan

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Malvan is a historically and culturally important town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. it is situated at around 112km from Goa. This place is well known historically for the Sindhudurg Fort of Chatrapati Shivajiraje. Culturally, Malvan offers you mouth-watering Malvani sea-food and sweets.

  • Gokak

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Gokak is another beautiful town located in Karnataka 182km’s from Goa. Gokak is immensely popular for its Gokak Falls which is a beautiful wide water cascade located on Ghataprabha river. Apart from its falls, Gokak is also home to several ancient buildings which date back to the period of the early 19th century. This place is an offbeat destination for trekkers and campers who love to camp and trek to the peaks of the Western Ghats in its vicinity.

  • Gokarna

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Gokarna is situated in Karnataka 117km far from Goa. Pristine beaches and Lord Shiva temple are the main attractions of this place. Gokarna is a “MUKTI STHAL” for Hindu religion. Lord Shiva temple is related to the history of Lord Shiva. Another attraction of this Gokarna is its beaches. Beaches of this place are clean and less crowded.

  • Kumta

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The beautiful town of Kumta located amidst the marvelous wonders of nature is one of the most enticing places to visit in Karnataka. This place is 180km away from Goa. Lying on the coastline of the Arabian Sea,  Kumta offers tantalizing beaches, intriguing temples, and sprawling greenery. This place is all about relaxing, unwinding and solitude.




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