Top 5 fitness trends of 2017

Floating Yoga

Top 5 fitness trends of 2017:

Being born fit is the ultimate gift from almighty, maybe, while others are always seeking weight loss plans, diet charts, calorie watch and what not! Here is a quick guide to top 5 fitness trends of 2017 that may please you more than going on a crash diet or plain jog!

Floating yoga: One of the top fitness trends, floating yoga is the celebrity’s choice of workout. Lately, Bollywood actress, Huma qureshi uploaded her workout videos on instagram, doing floating yoga poses. The technique behind floating yoga is relieving crammed joints and straightening body from head to toe. For this, a trapeze is used for hold and free swing.

Floating Yoga                    Image Source: Google

Hot yoga: Hot yoga is performed under humid conditions with sweat rolling from every corner of your body. The idea behind this technique is not giving in space for cooling down of body and continuous dribble of sweating makes it an intense workout. . This is rather a difficult road to fitness! Isn’t it?  Power yoga, forrest yoga, bikram yoga and tri balance yoga are few forms which comes under hot yoga.

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Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise that aims to develop flexibility, good posture and balance. This type of fitness regime is generally associated with abs and adjoining areas. Ball rolling, single leg circle, criss-cross, mermaid are few exercise that defines Pilates workout. Although, almost every Pilates studio is equipped with robes and hangings but all you actually need to do a Pilates workout  is a mat and a floor!

Pilates                    Image Source: Google

High intensity interval training (HIIT): also called sprint interval training, this is a type of cardio exercise. The strategy involves high intensity workout for a period of few minutes followed by low intensity workout for another few minutes. The cycle is followed repeatedly, until you become to exhaust to continue! This is a ‘common-man’ workout and is currently being followed by many gym instructors and personal fitness trainers.

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Alien yoga:  This yoga became trend when at the time around January, a video surfaced on internet and in no time went viral all over the internet community! Traditionally called ‘nauli’, it is apparently practiced 500 years ago. It involves rolling the abdominal muscles from side to side in a wave like motion. It helps cleanses your stomach and tightens core muscles or abs.

Alien Yoga                   Image Source: Google


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