Most Mysterious Places in the World

Mysterious place

Undoubtedly, this universe is full of unusual and strange places and once we get to know about these places then truly one will automatically be attracted to them. One of the immense beauties about travelling is that one will always have the option of disappearing into the mysterious places of the world, infrequently. Probably, one remains curious about the mysterious places and tries to grab the feeling of it. Below are described a few Mysterious place to visit in the world that would give the understanding to plan the trip accordingly.

Mysterious Place 1 the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

For centuries it is lying mysterious to know about the fact of this Bermuda Triangle. Tales of lost mariners disappeared ships, crashed aircraft and even vanishing humans, had been emerged from the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

The vast area of Atlantic Ocean approximately more than half a million square miles is known as the Devil’s Triangle and unsolved mystery as to why so many travellers get grabbed into this triangle.

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Some of them say that there are magnetic anomalies which throw compasses off the course near to it, others claim that tropical cyclones entrap it, and some say there’s is no mystery at all, visiting the area can be much more pleasant than one might think, with the sun-splashed islands of Turks and Caicos beckoning in the south and the coves of Bermuda in the north.

Mysterious Place 2 the Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

the Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The Banff Springs Hotel of Canada is supposed to be the home of a plethora of ghost stories and strange happenings. With the approach of the Timberline (The timberline is said to be an imaginary boundary above which trees will not grow. It is sometimes referred to as the tree line) and the Lodge of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s Shining fame. Locals tell stories of an entire family that was murdered in cold-blood in room 873. Others say the reappearance the doormen who then vanish into thin air.

But if one thinks that one can deal with the supernatural representative, then without fail one can be here to enjoy this mysterious house.

This amazing hotel comes out of Scottish impressive styles, it is covered by the fir-dressed peaks of the Canadian Rockies and offers access to the iconic ski fields of Jasper and Banff.

Mysterious Place 3 Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, a region of Romania is said to be the home to centuries of vampire lore. While threatening stories about creatures of the night, prone to feasting on the blood or flesh of others, exist throughout the world, vampires have the strongest cultural significance in Romania. It is located on mysterious Sylvan hills and mist-topped mountains, the ringing echo of church bells and the stone-built medieval steeples of towns like Sibiu, Brasov, and Cluj, all add to the unnatural atmosphere of this vast region at the very heart of Romania.

But one of its place that really brings the chills and gets the cooling effect is Bran Castle.

This tower topped fort ascends from the forests on the edge of Wallachia in a medley of Gothic towers and gargoyle-peppered roofs.

Over the years it’s been associated with a number of uber-mysterious figures: Vlad the Impaler, the most bloodthirsty of the Wallachian kings, and – of course – Count Dracula, the archetype of the nail-biting Nosferatu.

Mysterious Place 4 Crooked Forest, Poland

Crooked Forest, Poland

Towards the south of the in the amazing city of Szczecin on Poland’s extreme eastern haunch, on the west of the border with Germany, a small hold of just over 400 pine trees has been gathering the attention of Atlas Obscura types and secluded travellers for years.

The entire forest appears to be bent over almost 90 degrees at the trunk, before winding back straight again and growing vertically into the Slavic sky.

It is in a debate that what has caused the unusual wood to come to look like it the way it is. But still, nobody knows, it is quite weird.

Mysterious Place 5 Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is situated at the boundary of the Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan; it is a 17th-century fort, popular all over India for being the ‘Most haunted place in India’. Embraced by the rises of the Aravali Hills and parched by the Rajasthani sun, the old barricade of the Bhangarh Fort is said to echo with the ghostly presence of one cursed princess and her would-be captor, the wizard Sinhai.

It’s said that Sinhai tried to entangle the young royal by offering her a love concoction.

The plan was backfired, and the Sinhai with magical powers was ended up dead, but before this, he could lay his magic charm on all the inhabitants of Bhangarh.

Today, the Mughlai complex once compressed by Madho Singh I is considered one of the most worried spots in India.

No one is allowed to enter after dark, and locals say if anyone goes there never comes back and has even reported death as a result of the continued curse!

“Like This, There Are Many Mysterious Places All Around the Globe”


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