Top 7 Benefits of Green Tea That you Must know

Top 7 Benefits of Green Tea That you Must know
Top 7 Benefits of Green Tea That you Must know

According to a research conducted by Journal of the American College of Nutrition,” Tea is the most consumed beverages in the world after water. There is approximately 75% tea consumed in the worldwide in black tea and the percentage of people who drinks green tea are 20%. There are multiple health benefits of taking green tea which is as follows:

Effective in preventing cancer

As per the reports from National cancer institute, the polyphenols present in tea is responsible to reduce the growth of a tumor and it can protect from ultra violate radiation. In countries which consume more green tea has low cancer rates. Some research has shown positive results on various types of cancer such as stomach cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal (throat), colorectal (bowel), bladder, prostate, and skin. A researcher believes that it a high amount of polyphenols present in a green team which helps to kill the cancerous cell and prevents them in growing.

Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases

In a research conducted by Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that the consumption of green tea could reduce the heart diseases risk. In this research 40,000 Japanese were examined between the age of 40 years to 79 years for 11 years started at 1994. It is found that those people who consumed up to 4 or 5 cups of green tea in a day have a lower risk of heart diseases than who consumed one cup in a whole day. Green tea has the compounds polyphenolic and catechins which helps in boosting then the health of cardiovascular system.

Green Tea Is Helpful In Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Research performed on the connection green and diabetes are most probably consistent. Some of the research reflect that consuming green tea can decrease the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes in a human being, however, there is also some research which does not show any effect of green team diabetes.

Green Tea is Significant in Weight Loss

Well, it is known fact that drinking green tea regularly can help you to reduce your weight. There are many fitness trainers and weight loss experts who admit that green tea is very effective in reducing extra fat from your body significantly.

Green tea Aids Decrease Cholesterol

According to An analysis of published studies in 2011, it is found that consumption of green tea aids in decreasing bad cholesterol or LDL. So people who have bad cholesterol should take green tea.

Lower the risk of stroke

As per the study published in the journal Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, it is found that people who drink green tea or coffee on daily basis have a lower risk of stroke. it is suggested to drink green tea at least once in a day to avoid the risk of stroke.

Green tea has the good effect on working memory.

A study published in the journal Psychopharmacology, it is revealed that consuming green tea on daily basis improve our brain cognitive function such as working memory.


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