9 Gym Accessories you must have

9 gym accessoreis u must have-Shaker

Top 9 must have gym accessories:

Gym is not so kind world. You need a handful of accessories to survive the pangs there! The following gym accessories are a helpful hand during times you wait for the ordeal to end. Have a look!

  1. Wrist wraps: wrist are most delicate while lifting weights at gym and therefore be taken care of. Buy firm wrist wraps to avoid any joint related injuries during workouts. Make sure not to fasten it too tight or too loose either. Keep it at a normalized fasten size.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Wrist wraps
  2. Shaker: for those who tend to consume a lot of water or protein drinks in between workout sessions, carrying a shaker is a necessity! The accessory which makes your feeding easier and tastier is also called Sipper gym bottle.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Shaker
  3. Good shoes: Your shoes define your workout. A good pair of shoes can make your long jump as soft as protein powder or as hard as a deadlight. Check insides of gym shoes before buying and try them on properly before you start doing aggressive workouts.9 gym accessoreis u must have-ShoesAlso Read: Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2017
  4. Fitness watch: the watch in trends nowadays has amazing features of tracking your steps and calorie burns and even intakes. It measures your heart rate while you workout and keep tracks of your highest and lowest calorie burn! This is an ultimate gym partner for those who are very particular about fitness and like to keep records of their daily activities.9 gym accessoreis u must have-fitness watch
  5. Waterproof headphones: This is a bliss device to those who cannot keep calm without listening to their favorite track at gym during workouts. Sweat is no longer an issue with waterproof functions at your rescue! The branded versions also gives you warranty and replacement options.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Waterproof-headphones
  6. Hand gloves: for gym bullies who believes in dead lift as their ultimate savior, this is the thing for you to forever keep in your gym bag. Hand gloves not only provide protection to your skin against cracking, it also prevents injuries such as finger fractures which are very common during workout sessions.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Hand-Gloves
  7. Towel: a-never-to-forget accessory, a hand towel is something you completely rely on when every cloth on your body is wet and wasted! Keep a fresh towel daily in your gym bag and not a used one, for better hygiene and healthy workout results.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Towel
  8. Head band: do not let your long hair go tangled around treadmill! Always carry/wear head band to keep hair off your face and for a more concentrated workout-both for you and boys around you!9 gym accessoreis u must have-Head Band
  9. Athletic tape: these are used for all the bruising and tearing during brutal workouts. You can also wear these tapes before start lifting to prevent such bruising or tearing. Remember not to use this tape if you are bleeding heavily. Wash off the excess blood and then make use of this gym band aid.9 gym accessoreis u must have-Athletic tape




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