Top 9 Travel Tips Solo Female Traveler Must Never Ignore

Solo Female Traveler

The idea of solo traveling for Indian girls was no more than a fantasy until the leading female figures became the source of motivation. It was not due to the hardships and safety issues, but the conventional ideologies that demanded women to follow the footsteps of men (Solo Female Traveler). The present scenario is entirely different though; there is no better example for women leaders than Muthayya Vanitha and Ritu Karidhal who are leading the Chandrayan- 2. Girls are now recognizing their capabilities, and the world also is acknowledging their strengths. When women can lead a Space Mission, why can’t they travel the world alone? Girls are asking the same question to their parents, and the major task of seeking permission has been accomplished.

It All Starts Once You Get the Permission

Seeking consent to travel alone might be a challenging task, but it is nothing when compared to the hardships, you would have to tackle during the preparation and accomplishment of your plan. You still don’t need to worry about that because Flypped is there to back you up with every essential advice you need. The article suggests some tips for solo female traveler and mentions some points you must consider before leaving your home.

Note – The basic and the essential concern is to pre-book your hotel, flight, cabs, etc. because leaving without reassuring the tickets might lead you to severe threats.

9 Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

⍣ Packing – One of the most stressful and tiring work before any journey is packing. Being a solo female traveler, you must be aware that only you have to carry the bags. Yes! You might be tempted to pack every useless stuff you won’t need in the journey but should keep a lightweight bag if you don’t want to drag the baggage during the entire trip. But, don’t forget to carry the required things because buying such things might disturb your budget.

⍣ Dressing Sense – There are no doubts you want to look best and have shopped for new outfits for the journey. You must not overlook the comfort factor while being excited about the selfies and videos which you will collect to post on the Insta stories. Comfort is equally essential, if not important than the looks. You must choose a stylish dress comfortable. Never wear a glamorous or revealing dress if you are a solo female traveler.

⍣ Be Alert – A solo trips might become a nightmare if you are not alert enough. Do not become extra comfortable with people you have just met. Be aware of the surroundings you are visiting and also keep an eye on your fellow travelers. Never leave your belongings even if you have to visit the restroom. Do not be extra comfortable with the natives. There is nothing incorrect in being skeptical, especially when you are a solo female traveler.

⍣ Book your hotel for daytime arrival – If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, then you must book it right away. Don’t forget to ensure daytime arrival. YES! Schedule your journey in a manner that you reach the location during the day. Reach the hotel before the check-in time. It would allow you to explore the surroundings and hotel area. On the off chance that your flight or train reaches the place at night, you should call your hotel and request them to send a cap to pick you. Taking usual cab or taxi might lead the solo female traveler in trouble.

⍣ Keep your documents with you – You must always carry a side bag while you are on a trip. This bag must contain all the required stuff like your wallet, phones, identity proofs, hotel cards, and emergency weapons. Before leaving the hotel for site seeing, you must ask the hotel staff about the safety. You must take the hotel card before leaving, in case you lose your way while returning.

⍣ Emergency Weapon – Weapon does not necessarily mean carrying a gun or something. You can use things like pepper spray, a whistle, Swiss knife, etc. We hope you won’t need these items, but you still should carry them in your side bag in case of an emergency. You must never ignore the concept of prevention is better than cure, and be ready to tackle any situation you might come across in your trip.

⍣ Multiple copies of your documents – You should carry the original documents such as identity proofs and ATM Cards, but at the same time, you must not forget to keep the photocopies of your documents. Keeps these copies in different places, and one copy of every document must always be there in the side bag which you would carry everywhere. They might help you in emergencies, for example, if you lose your bag or something, you can use these copies to file a complaint.

⍣ Flaunt your relationship Status – The world is full of stalkers cheap attention seekers who follow solo female traveler once they learn you are a solo traveler. So, make sure to flaunt some jewelry or something, to project as if you are not single, and your husband, or boyfriend id about to join you. Though you won’t need to go to this extent, and nobody will follow, you still should not reveal you are a solo traveler.

⍣ Don’t Hesitate – Solo traveling is not for docile and hesitant people because it takes guts to leave your place alone. The threats are always present when you are at a distant location, but you should be wild enough to enjoy the best part of your life. You must not be afraid and hesitant in creating a scene if someone keeps bothering you instead of continuous warnings.

Flypped had no aims of frightening you, and we don’t wish you to drop the idea of traveling alone. It was, on the other hand, to ensure that you have a safe and wondrous journey. There are numerous benefits of solo trips for women as well as men because it introduces you to yourself.

We wish you choose the best travel destination, and it becomes a memorable experience for you. You only have to remember these tips and follow our advice before beginning a trip, which you would cherish as the best phase of life.


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