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TWO ROADS DIVERGED IN A WOOD, but the narrator of the mentioned poem, TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELLED BY. Which one would you prefer by the way? Getting puzzled! Okay, let me explain the context. In today’s travel section, we are talking about the most adventurous vacation places of the world. That’s why I asked a question at the start. I needed to know your personality type before enlisting the places, but then I realized you don’t need to be distinct in order to like these places. The list I am presenting is of places everyone would love to visit. Even if you are a family person who does not want to take risks, and prefer visiting family spots, you are wild who loves skydiving, bungee jumping, and all such activities, or you are a flying bird-like me who likes to buzz around, and desire to explore everything.

This article is for all these categories as I am going to acquaint you to the most adventurous vacation places of the world. You would get my point once you know what adventure means. Jumping from a helicopter and involving in dangerous, is an adventure, but the definition is not limited to it. It is when you experience some extraordinary and unusual emotions to break the monotonous routine of life and get involved in something you have never done. So, visiting the below places and having an altogether different experience is something you desperately need if you have started feeling depressed due to your boring and mundane routine. So without wasting more time on discussions, let us have a look at the list once and you can look for more information if any of the adventurous vacation places of world interests you.

Here is everything you need to know about the global adventure spots


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Let us start the journey with India itself. Yes, India is one of the nations where we have a variety of tourist places including the wildlife centuries, if you are interested, river rafting, mountaineering, etc. I here would especially discuss about LEH. I am sure you have heard this name along with Ladakh. But, Leh is complete in itself as it is one of the adventurous vacation places of the world, and attracts global tourists every year. The place is famous because of its mountains, lakes, and landscapes with which India is blessed as you would find them surreal and will find yourself as a tiny part of the infinite universe. There are special arrangements for cycling, and rafting, I would suggest you enjoy it on foot if you are a nature lover like me. Walking on with admiring the natural beauty is all that I desire. The place has something special for everyone. Even if you are visiting with your family, you would love the place.

Waitomo Caves

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hey! Don’t be afraid of the name Cave. It’s not at all scary. You would rather find it exciting to visit the Waitomo Caves located in New Zealand. Do you know the specialty of 30 million old Waitomo Caves, which is actually a super specialty? As you can see in the picture, the cave is not dark so there is no need to be afraid, and the shining objects appearing on the top are not stars, WELL! OBVIOUSLY, we are not dumb. But, you would feel so. It feels like you are amidst infinite stars. It is all because of the presence of innumerable bioluminescent bugs, or what we call JUGNU. It has been a long time since I saw one. I still remember my childhood where I used to run after them. But today’s generation kids are unlucky as they have never seen some amazing natural miracles. Okay, let’s come back as I sometimes digress when it comes to memories.

Phong Nha

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Lets just not exclude the largest cave in the world (Hang Son Doong) when we have started discussing about caves. Visiting HANG Son could be an experience, and that’s why I would suggest you an option which is also located in Vietnam. Phong Nha is the range of 400 million years old mountains including the Doong Cave. Most people prefer to cycle around the tropical rivers, and the tourists also prefer it because of the rice paddies and hills. You would also find a wide range of rare animals and birds there along with macaque monkeys.


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I started imagining myself in this heaven looking place on the sled. I wish I had Doremon’s anywhere door, and could leave right now. But, I have to share the info so that you also join me for the adventurous vacation places of the world and we can enjoy together. Thinking of you joining gave me some strength to continue writing otherwise I was completely in the vacation mood, and could escape at any moment.  I know you too have seen the place in movies and want to join me. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets right now, or wait. See if we happen to find a better place if there could be any, because this polar desert of Norway has stolen my attention.


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Livingstone is basically famous for the Victoria Falls and one of the adventurous vacation places of the world, but the Victoria Falls Bridge which we need to cross is no less adventurous than the waterfall. The thundering of Victoria fall offers the best water rafting experience. We can also select the place for camping, who in the world does not love camping, especially when we are on vacation with long lost friends. You must think of visiting Zambia if your favorite adventure is water rafting.

Machu Picchu

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It is a world heritage site according to UNESCO, and there is no doubt it is. The name seems funny but the place is not. Love for hiking is all that you need here. It is located at the highest point which is more than 13,800 feet. The location consists of many temples and many of them are 500 years old. It is the best place to visit in Peru if you belong to the community of archeology lovers.

There is no end of destinations when we talk about the best adventurous vacation places of the world, but I have ended the article before you start getting bored. But I promise to share more information related to travel spots because that’s we love to do. For now, I hope you would visit some of the above places, at least I would, and you know about the place I am talking about. You might have also finalized your next destination I hope, so what are you waiting for? Tell me in the comments section, and let me help you with your packing by suggesting the best outfits and further stuff you need to carry.


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