US Woman Dies After Falling Off Rooftop While ‘Laughing Too Hard’


U.S. woman died after laughing very hard.US Woman Dies After Falling Off Rooftop While 'Laughing Too Hard'Image Source: Facebook

We have heard that laughter is the best medicine for mind and body, however,  in a recent incident, laughing very hard proved to be fatal and took away a life. Yes, it may sound impossible but as per media reports, ‘U.S. school teacher died as she accidently fell off the terrace balcony while laughing’ during  her vacation in Mexico.

Sharon Regoli Ciferno in her fifties working as a teacher at Charles A Huston Middle School in the US state of Pennsylvania, was on vacations with her daughter at a friend’s house in Mexico on Monday when she sat on a deck ledge. Thereafter, she burst into laughter due to ongoing conversation and fell off the balcony when she laughed very hard. She suffered multiple injuries on her body.

Her brother has ruled 0out the possibility of alcohol and said that alcohol was not a factor. The building code standards in Mexico are not as stringent as in the US. Unfortunately, there was no back on the deck.

Her brother further quoted She started laughing very hard and when she put her head back she lost her balance and fell back.

Regoli Ciferno was married and a mother of two. The incident will also be a shock for her students as it happened just before the summer break to be over.


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