UEFA Champions League: The final Showdown


UEFA Champions League: The final showdown

Yes, it is that final confrontation in which top team from their respective countries: Real Madrid representing the Spanish side and Juventus representing the Italian side are going to battle neck to neck. With just 3 more days to go for the UEFA Champions League final which is to be showcased at Millennium Stadium located in Cardiff City, UK; massive tension and frustration is building up between both the teams.

Although Real Madrid being the previous UEFA Champions League winners much frequently they have got an edge over Juventus. Alas! 2 year back UCL Champions Barcelona who won against Juventus in the finals were left behind in the scene when they lost to the same old Juventus in the Quarter Finals just to find themselves out of the league. The clash between Real Madrid and Juventus can be called as the rebroadcast of the 1998 match between the two sides. Real Madrid are the defending champions with winning the 2014 and 2016 Champions League finals against their La Liga rivals Atletico de Madrid. While Juventus seem to struggle to get their final giveaways since they have their previous history of losing on crucial occasions such as UCL finals. Still this time Massimiliano Allegri, manager of Juventus is very much focused on their training and have high hopes of laying their hands over the trophy. Juventus have won UCL trophy twice in 1985 and 1996 if we turn a blind eye to the fact that they have the highest failure rates in the deciders. Whereas on the other side, Zinedine Zidane coach and manager of Real Madrid are motivated and confident enough that their team is competent enough to rule out any errors of losing against the Italian giants.

Juventus have performed well securing their top position in the Series A as well as lifting the Coppa Italia Cup. Winning the UEFA Champions League would be an added honor since they will be a treble owner just like Barcelona were in 2015. Juventus have got a strong defence line with the likes of Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci and the one and only veteran goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon. With such a defence line at the back it will surely be a mammoth’s task to intrude their half. When asked about the finals Real Madrid Ace Striker, Cristiano Ronaldo said, “Too much humility is not good”, either we are better than them, but we have to show it. These words seemed to be strong and determined response to the question. Real Madrid on the other side have an unbroken record where they have scored in every La Liga and UCL matches which weakens Juventus by their defence. Marcelo and the recently Barcelona left Dani Alves are the two Brazilians to look for when they go head to head both sharing the wing back positions; both extremely skillful in their play.

Now at this point it is really difficult to decide which of them would carry the Champions League trophy home but one thing is sure it will be an interesting match between Real Madrid’s attacking trio against the Italian side age old defence. You can catch the action here in India on 4th June, Sunday being broadcast on Ten Sports exclusively.


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