Unbelievable: Village of DWARFS

dwarf village in china

Village of Dwarfs:-

Ever imagined about a whole village comprising of the Dwarfs!!  Yes, it actually exists. Yangzi village, located in the Sichuan province of the southwest China, has a population of about 36 dwarf people out of the total population of about 80 people. Their average height ranges between 2 to 3’1”. Scientists have   been trying since years to decode the mystery behind the dwarfism in the village but they have not received any answer.

According to the officials in China, a strange disease was discovered in somewhere around 1951 which caused the shortened limbs. Those who recovered from the disease became carriers and passed it on to their next generations. According to another belief, there once appeared a black large turtle, which was captured and eaten by the communities there, after which the disease struck. Some of them still regret that had it been not eaten, and left, they would have been normal. According to another story, the toxic gases from Japanese volcanoes might have been responsible for the rare condition. The Chinese authorities have never denied the existence of such a Dwarf village but they have not yet opened it to the outsiders.

The mystery behind the existence of dwarf village is yet to be resolved. Ultimately, the secret is somewhere lost in nature. Seems like all the Gulliver’s tales we used to hear in our childhood were real. However, it feels surprising to know such facts and my imagination takes a leap in the world of the facts which is yet to be seen and the mysteries be unfolded.


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