UP Man Asked To Pay Rs 128 Crore To Restore Electricity

electricity bill

A resident of Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh has received the shocking news of his life. The electricity department had sent him a bill of over Rs 128 crore on a 2 KiloWatt connection. Shamim the possessor, stays with his wife in Chambre village, Hapur. The electricity department has cut off supply to Shamim’s house as he could not pay the Shamim electricity bill. On enquiring, he was told that the supply will not restore unless he pays the electricity bill.

He further added that he had been running for the query in the electricity department but unfortunately nobody is listening to him. It is appearing as if he had to pay the entire electricity bill of whole Hapur district. Shamim also told the media that his monthly electricity bill comes around Rs 700 and Rs 800.

He had also shown the copy of the bill, which is shared by news agency ANI quotes the amount at Rs 1,28,45,95,444.

electricity bill

He also claimed that they are using only fan and light and how the amount can be so high. On top of it, I am an old person and also poor, so cannot even think in dreams. Khair Nisha, Shamim’s wife said, how such a large amount will be paid by us?

An electrical engineer of the electricity department said it was “no big deal”, and once you send back the bill with a complaint then the “technical fault” will be rectified

“This could be a technical fault. Return the overcharged bill and after rectification, they will issue them an updated one after rectifying the technical fault in the system. Ram Sharan, the engineer told sometimes technical faults do take place.

Yes, it is true that the matter will be rectified, but sometimes the consequences are bad. All people are not of the same mindset and strong and cannot take the news easy-going, rather they take by heart and sometimes this turns brutal, especially in the case of old people.

Some of the incidences of this kind has generated earlier also:

In May 2018, a vegetable vendor committed suicide in Aurangabad,  Maharashtra, when he was charged Rs. 8.64 lakh in March 2018. Later it was found by the power distribution firm that an error occurred because of a missing decimal point, but the bearer was no more.

A man from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj on January 2019 was sent an electricity bill for Rs. 23 crore. He had an electricity connection in his house for a total of 2 kilowatts.

Jagannath Nehaji Shelke, age 36 years, supposedly hung himself after he was worried over the bill, In spite of several visits to the power distribution firm.

The firm initially did not commit that they were responsible for his suicide, but later an account assistant was suspended for suspected negligence of duty.

This clearly illustrates that; the duties should be performed sophistically and with extra care. It should be counter checked at least thrice because mishappenings cannot be reverted back. It cannot play the role of undoing as it is on the computer.



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