The Uproar following Israel’s serving the dessert to Japanese PM in a shoe


Different countries abide by varied cultural and table ethics depending upon their backgrounds. Japanese being very firm about one of them being the entry of the outdoor shoes inside, have tagged it as one of its gesture as an unappealing behavior to their culture, which has been the reason for the rising uproar between the two nations.

Following a high-level meeting on May 2, the Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his wife, Sara planned a meal-treat at their official home for the Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie Abe. They were then served with a savoring meal by a top-notch Israeli chef  Segev Moshe.

The hullabaloo led when the chef brought in the dessert of the delicious chocolates, nicely decorated in a shiny leather shoe dish.


Israel’s popular Newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, quoted that Japanese agents, Israeli Foreign minister, and dignified Israeli agents, who have served in Japan in the previous years were utterly aghasted by the incident.


Besides, a senior Israeli official also cited this incident marked a very insensitive motion on the part of Israeli’s as there is nothing inferior to a shoe in the Japanese culture. The Japanese are very firm about it by not wearing them at home or even in the offices as they treat it as a huge disrespect to their culture.

A Japanese representative also quoted resentfully, “There’s no culture in the world in which you put shoes on the table. What was the distinguished chef thinking? If it was humor, we don’t think it is funny; we were offended on behalf of our prime minister.”

Segev’s agent revealed that the design of the shiny leather shoe was forged by a popular international artist Tom Dixon, whose appealing works are even showcased in the grand Museums around the World. He also cited that the dish isn’t a real shoe but is actually a cast-steel in the shape of a shoe. It is an astonishing piece of art, he said.

Although Israel’s foreign minister appreciated the chef for his creativity but following this furor he later on quoted that “We have the utmost respect for the Japanese prime minister.”

One of the critics also stated that Pushing the mind-blowing creativity aside, when someone plans to host a politic meal, the primary motive of the hosts must always be to make sure he doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the guests.


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