How To Use Your Social Network To Travel The World


Travel helps in stimulating personal growth and helps you to discover yourself.  There are so many beautiful places in the world, there comes a time when every journey looks same. Travelling with an alert mind with a view to learn things and think from new perspectives is what matters.

Our friends and family are the perfect people who can come to our rescue. All we have to do is get advice and suggestions from people before and while doing the places that are new to us.

Instagram and Facebook, along with some travel sites can help you a great deal.  Instagram is replete with hashtags which can give you several suggestions of locations.

These days social media has helped people come closer. You must have a circle on social media platforms. You can contact them and get information on whatever place you are interested in. You can figure the ins and outs of the place where a certain set of people lives. You can reach anyone on the web and in fact, stranger too, can help you, out of the blue. Yes, it is very rare but some generous souls are ever so ready to lend you a helping hand.

We live in a very advanced world. It is not difficult to get in touch with a guide through your friends. You can hire a guide who can help you travel the length and breadth of the world. No doubt, some problems would bob up initially but things will fall in place once you have made your mind.

Also, connecting with your acquaintances can help as they can introduce others to you. You can reap benefits from them in that you might get discounts on the hotels or resort you book. You can be asked to stay at someone’s home if you are lucky.

The best way to connect with people is to sit down with locals, and demonstrate some basic interest in their lives and stories, you’ll find that each person lives a very unique life.  In fact, you will become au fait with the interesting facts of various cultures. You will, by degrees, suss that travelling is in fact meeting different people with different notions.


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