Tips for Happy Married Life: Never Keep These Objects in Your Bedroom to Avoid Conflicts

Happy Married Life

Vastu Tips for Happy Marriage life: We had seen many people saying “feelings fade and people change,” but I wondered if there were some common reasons behind the scenario. There are people who get married to the person of their choice, but soon regret as they start facing conflicts as they don’t experience a happy married life. Marriage is not just about taking the seven “Pheras,” and moving to another place: it is also about sharing your personal space. People with failed marriages sometimes blame infidelity and incompatibility. It’s not that they are not compatible or something, the reason behind failed marriages might be the Vastu problems i.e. the way they have decorated their bedroom or the direction of their furniture.

Today, we have come up with some Vastu Tips for Happy Marriage life. You must try these ideas if you are going to marry, or want to bring the love and compatibility back to your life. There are some objects which spread peace and satisfaction, while some of them increase frustration and rage. So, you must neglect the positive and negative aspects of the stuff kept in your bedroom.

General Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life: Try These Changes in Your Bedroom

  • Decorate your room with love symbols, and the keep the objects such as heart-shaped pillows, wind chimes, memorable photos, designer frames. These are the things that would strengthen your bond and enhance your compatibility.
  • Keep your space clean and clutter-free because dirty or untidy room frustrates people and eventually result in conflicts and constant fights.
  • Use scented candles, light music, dim lights at night because they are considered as natural stress busters.
  • Decorate your room with natural flowers and change them every day because decorating the space with artificial flowers brings fake emotions and artificiality in your life.

Direction Sense for Vastu Tips for Happy Marriage life

  • The bedroom must be in north-west or south-west side. According to Vastu, couples who live in a bedroom facing north-west or south-west share live a happy life than those who don’t.
  • The head of bed must be in the south direction, and the sleeping direction should not align with sharp corners because it will have psychological effects which will result in unnecessary stress which will definitely impact your relationship in long term.
  • Wife should sleep in the left side of the husband because it leads to a comfortable sleep. It will also strengthen the love and affection between the couple.

Never Keep These Items in the Bedroom

  • Never keep mirror in your bedroom, especially in front of the bed. If you have to place the mirror in your bedroom make sure it is covered. Uncovered mirrors, especially at night, result in quarrels and misunderstandings.
  • Never keep religious pictures and idols in your bedroom because it would affect your physical compatibility because the presence of religious symbols would divert your energies towards spiritualism rather than love.
  • Never use metal beds when you are a newly-wed couple or are soon going to marry because wooden beds emit heat energy which is considered essential for couples. The metal beds, on the other hand, emits cold energy which make everything cold between the man and his wife.
  • Never keep a television, computer or gadgets in your bedroom. The presence of such devices lead to confusions because if one you are willing to spend some quality time, while the other is busy in TV or phone would definitely result in quarrels.

“Vastu Tips for Happy Marriage life”


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