Want More Instagram Followers? Here’s How to Do It


Want More Instagram Followers? Here’s How to Do It

 A social media platform like Instagram is filled with people who are willing to connect with businesses across the world. Businesses of all domains, irrespective of their sizes, have a chance to grow big in a certain time through their online presence on Instagram.

While artificial boosting is another option when it comes to increasing the follower base of your business on Instagram, the basic goal of your or any business should be connected with real people in a real time frame. These people are more likely to engage with your content on the platform, connect with your business model and in fact more likely to become your potential customers.

Let’s explore some of the ways through which you can increase Instagram followers for your business:

  • Start monitoring hashtags for customer reach. Research some hashtags for the business niche you are into and arrange hashtags that would relate to your audience segmentation. In fact, location based hashtags are also a thing.
  • Increase user-generated content on Instagram. Users love it when you connect to them. Ask them if you can regram or repost their posts on your platform. They might feel good about you finding their content worthy of reposting.
  • Engage in popular Instagram contests. Co-sponsoring various Instagram challenges and contests with 2-3 more businesses will imprint you as a business in the minds of the users.
  • Be regular in your posts on Instagram. Putting only user-generated content may affect the authenticity and value of your handle. Be regular in posting things on your account. Never leave it unattended.
  • Promote your Instagram account wherever you can. Add the platform icon on your website, start sending personal messages to your nears and peers, and try increasing the follower base by the word of mouth. Email marketing should also inform your subscribers or customers about your online presence on Instagram.
  • Start ‘Liking’ and ‘Commenting’ on other pictures. This would make you noticeable in the minds of the other commentators on the same pictures as well as potential competitors, which will increase your reach.
  • Create a good bio and a great profile. The bio is the first thing that a customer notices on visiting your profile. Unappealing content in the bio may leave a bad impression on the customer and not increase your follower-base.
  • Tagging other users and your potential customers in your posts is a good option to increase your fan base on Instagram. This will keep you in their minds consistently.
  • Instagram Stories is the new trend. Launched a year back, the concept of the Instagram story has already become popular amongst the masses with an audience viewership of 200 million daily. Use popular features like Instagram stories and live videos to interact more with the audiences. Â


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