Want To Look Slim? Do Not Miss These Fashion Hacks


Everyone wants to look good these days. Yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but we all want to appear good and earn compliments, don’t we? In order to look good, we go through a whole range of experiments possible. People try hard to look slim so that they do not look chubby. However, looks are really deceptive and the it is the inner beauty that holds importance. Owing to the pressing need and growing demand to look slim, people are experimenting with their looks and clothes.

Well, dark colors can play the game. Choose bright, dark colors as they make your waist look slimmer. Your waist will appear thinner if you go for a dress that is overall dark from top to toe instead of being dark in portions. If you are going for light colors, make sure the warm colors can be compensated with a streak of dark colors around the waist.

Learn the art of matching colors. Do not don anything just for the heck of it. If you plan on going for red, match it with colors like black, yellow and green. These colors go best with red. If you wear many colors together, the odds are you would wind up looking heavier and shorter. So, if you want to look slim and sexy, you need to co-ordinate your outfits. Also, accessories play a great role. Do not carry a heavy bag at an evening party or function for that matter.

The details in clothes diverts the attention of people from your waist and body. You can go for the clothes and dresses that are detailed, for instance, go for a floral dress. The entire attention would be grabbed by the floral pattern of your dress. Well, you can also distract people from your body by sporting a funky necklace or a sequined dress.

As for Indian attire, choose long and loose kurtas. They make you appear slim and suave. Make sure the length of your kurta should cover your hips. Wear palazzos and pants with kurtas as they make you look slender and smart. If you are a lover of sarees, try to avoid chiffon sarees. Wear silk sarees with a tight-fitting blouse.

Whereas tunic dresses are best for western wear. Also, you can wear a long shirt to look slim. You can wear straight knee-length skirts as your body would look svelte in that. Empress waist dresses can also work a great deal in hiding your excess fat around your waist.

If you are keen on buying a dress you love but do not find your size, do not lose hope. It is always great to get your dresses tailored so that it can be designed as per your body and choice. Also, you can buy a dress larger than your size and get it altered as per your requirements.

You can highlight the areas you love with dark and bright colors. If you have heavier arms, you can wear a blazer and show off legs by wearing a skirt. And if you do not intend to show your legs, you can wear a bright color top with light pants or a skirt.

Well, you also need to invest in good lingerie as it can make your body look beautiful and slimmer. Wear a right size bra and panty under your clothes. You can also go for a corset under your tight-fitted top to sport a slim look.

Hope your dilemmas regarding looking slim got some solutions. What lies inside of us matters the most, nonetheless, it has become a de rigueur to look good these days.


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