War Teaser Released: Tiger and Hrithik fans on a Social Media War

War Teaser Released

War Teaser Released: The release of Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan starrer movie War teaser has caught an eye on the internet. War teaser became a spot for hilarious memes targeting diverse celebrities. Though Tiger Shroff’s fans have been waiting for a long time to get a glimpse of his looks in the movie, the trollers spare no chance to tease him calling him a mere student to Hrithik Roshan.

The War teaser signifies that the action-packed film will feature Tiger against Hrithik as agents on a mission. This will obviously drive the fans to a comparison.

While Hrithik Roshan took the show after the War Teaser Released, Tiger Shroff did no less. Yet, all netizens had to say about the 53-second video was “No offense but you’re only as good as @iHrithik in terms of dancing and stunts. Hritik is the much better actor”. This must-have caused a huge disappointment to the actor but his reaction is yet to be recorded.

The director Siddharth Anand released a verbal War Teaser Released by saying “We want to push the benchmark of action movies that are made in our country. So, we are bringing two of the biggest action choreographers together to design some of the most outlandish and visually-spectacular sequences. On one hand, we have Andy R Armstrong from Hollywood and on the other, we have Mr. Oh, who is an outstanding martial arts action choreographer from South Korea.”

His statement has further raised the war between Hrithik and Tiger fans. The conclusion will only come up after the release of the movie.

The comparison did not end here. Netizens also pushed Shraddha Kapoor’s Saaho into it saying “Sahoo: I m biggest action film of the year WAR: Wait here I come”

Talking about the movie which also stars Vaani Kapoor and Ashutosh Rana, Tiger Shroff told IANS “A film like the one I am doing with Hrithik Sir is definitely something that could not have been made without one another. It is rare to find the correct permutation and combination and the right script that allows both of us to express our potential in our respective ways.”

Though the statement signifies that Tiger and Hrithik share no personal grudges, the war teaser has surely generated some issues among the fans.

Disclaimer – The images collected above have been compiled from social media. We neither support nor condemn anyone’s perspective as this post is shared for entertainment purpose only.


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