Weight Loss Surgery Drops the Risk of Death for Diabetes: A Recent Approach


Diabetes is a persistent therapeutic condition. It is not a disease but people with their lifestyle habits make it a disease. At the initial level it can be controlled very easily and thereafter can lead a normal life. But once it reaches to advance stage then taking external insulin injection is only the remedy. But still this problem can be overcome by making certain changes in life and also practicing natural way of living.

Normally, blood glucose level in the blood of our body is controlled by insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. Once the food enters into our body the glucose level elevates and simultaneously insulin from the pancreas is released to control the glucose level and lowers the blood glucose level. If, there is insufficient production of insulin or excess secretion of insulin then one comes into the boundary of diabetes. Excess production leads to Type-I diabetes and insufficient production of insulin leads to Type-2 diabetes. If the insulin is not produced or insufficiently produced may be any of the case exists, it causes hyperglycemia.

But recently a new study has a striking effect on Diabetic people. It was found that people who are obese and have type 2 diabetes, weight-loss surgery reduced the risk by about 40%.  It also reduced the risk of heart diseases and also the danger of an early death.

The benefits of an operation was that, patients showed improvement in reverse diabetes, eliminate sleep apnea, improve fertility, ease joint pain and pressure, and relieve symptoms of depression and also help people live longer, healthier lives.

Between 1998 and 2017 lots of studies had been done by the Cleveland Clinic researchers, where they compared the various types of weight-loss (bariatric) surgery to the people who were under usual medical care for with type 2 diabetes. They looked at a combination of six interlinked diseases due to obesity like, heart failure, heart disease, heart stroke, kidney problems, an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation and including death from any of the above cause.

The new report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggested that when diabetes gets better and when risk factors like high cholesterol and blood pressure decrease due to weight loss surgery then naturally one would expect improvement, but according to Ali Aminian, the lead researcher and a bariatric surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, didn’t expect the benefit of it to this extent. This even surprised surgeon Ali Aminian.

The chief academic officer of the Heart and Vascular Institute, Dr. Steven Nissen at Cleveland Clinic and senior author of the study called these findings “striking.”As a cardiologist, this finding tells him that if we can find a way to get people to lose weight, we can save a lot of lives and moreover the people will become slim and trim also.

Obesity Epidemic

Dr. Nissen said that since a long for about 30 to 40 years, they had been researching on reducing cardiovascular disease rates and to some extent they could improvise it but about five years ago that improvement slowed and was then halted.  But, now again the things have started improving and there is a very good treatment to overcome the dangerous diseases just by undergoing a weight loss surgery, so, it is now beginning of this opening to further study and would try to take out much better solutions.

Practically everyone believes that due to obesity people suffer with diabetes.

The researchers volunteered 2,287 diabetic patients who underwent weight-loss surgery at the Cleveland Clinic from 1998 through 2017. Their health was compared with a group of 11,435 people who were not operated. The parameters studied were heart disease, heart stroke, heart failure, kidney damage, an erratic heart rate or death from any cause. After eight years it was observed that 31% of those who had surgery had experienced one of the serious complications, compared to 48% of those who did not go for the surgery.

In operated people chance of dying was also reduced by 41%, while the risk of heart failure and kidney damage both dropped by about 60%.  One of the interesting outcomes was that due to surgery people also lost more than 20% of their body weight and reduced their medications like insulin to control their blood sugar and medicines to reduce cholesterol and high blood-pressure levels.

Heart Health

The researchers were not sure if this transformation of weight loss after surgery would significantly alter their patients for long-term heart health or there could be time restrictions, because to become full proof things take years. We know diabetic patients particularly open the ways for cardiovascular disease like diabetes, which was kept under control by the medications to keep blood sugar in control. These patients have also been shown to improve heart health. But still many studies are to be done and are needed to confirm the benefits.

Motivated Patients

When doctors tried to balance the imperfections in the support for both medical and surgical treatment of diabetes, the many benefits linked with bariatric surgery-induced weight loss suggested that it should be considered the preferred treatment option, but only for those who are motivated patients, are also obese, are diabetic and not finding any technique to lose weight.

“Bariatic Surgery Is the Healthy Option” According To New Approach”


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