What Are The Major Symptoms, Causes And Effects Of High Blood Pressure?

blood pressure effects

The incidents of heart attacks are increasing per day, and we frequently meet people with heart-related diseases and hypertension. The problem is increasing and as heart problem is one of the major blood pressure effects. Ignorance can lead to fatal results in such cases. What if I say, you don’t need to take medicines and can cure hypertension at home. Yes! Hypertension or high blood pressure effects are the major cause of heart diseases, and we can tackle it at home before it reaches the danger level.

You would have to visit your doctor and take proper medication if your blood pressure is out of control. What I mean here is that the heart is the central source as it pumps blood and sends it to other body parts. So, if the blood pressure effects does impact on our heart as well as other body parts. It’s not something that occurs suddenly, but the disease takes time to grow, and you do get time to resolve the issues before it becomes uncontrollable.

In today’s article, I will highlight the major symptoms of high blood pressure on your body and also suggest some activities to help you control the problem before it is too late.  First of all, you need to know whether you are having blood pressure or not. Though the best idea would be to check your heart rate, There are people who do not regularly check their BP. So, I would point out some symptoms, and if you are facing them, you must visit your doctor without wasting more time.

Here are the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Effects on Body

By blood pressure, we mean the amount and rate of the blood running through our veins, and when that measure is more than 139/89mmHg, then it starts affecting our body which is never desirable. Sometimes, when we are diagnosed with high blood pressure, we take medicine and don’t visit the doctor to ensure if it was temporary, or we are having hypertension.

➦ HEADACHE – Headaches are one of the symptoms of high blood pressure, but headache can be normal sometimes, and it does not necessarily mean you need to change anything. A good amount of sleep can help you. But in case you are having frequent headaches, and the frequency is increasing with a high rate, then you must not overlook as it might be a symptom of many diseases including high blood pressure.

➦ Shortness of Breath – Having shortness of breath after a long walk or tiring exercise is normal, but when you get tired without doing any hard work and have shortness of breath after minor works such as walking for 5 minutes, taking stairs for one or two floors, then you must consult your doctors because these activities should not impact you intensely. Having shortness of breath after minor activities is something to be worried about and you must not ignore it.

➦ Nose Bleeding – Yes, if your nose bleeds without a reason and you can’t figure out the reason, then hypertension might be a cause behind it. Do visit your doctor and see if your blood pressure is within the normal range which is 120/80mmHg to 139/89mmHg, but is it had reached 140/90mmHg or above then you must consider it a serious disease.

➦ Flushing – flushing is when your skin suddenly turns red; not out of emotional reasons but for physical ones. The face becoming red, pink, blue or such shades is the result of blood-related problems. More often it is one of the symptoms of high blood pressure, which must not be ignored.

Blood in urine – urine containing blood always hints of major diseases, and when you are already having headache, breathing issues apart from the urine problem, then you must not waste a single second and the first action you should take is to visit the doctor as soon as possible and check if the situation can be controlled or not.

Blood Pressure Effects on Heart

High Blood pressure effects appear to be a minor issue, which is easy to resolve, but ignoring it could lead to serious illnesses. Heart strokes are one of them, and the major one for that matter. It is a long process as the heart gives various signs in the form of the above symptoms. Everyone is aware of the stages of heart attack, and that it is easy to cure the problem at the very first stage with proper exercise, diet and lifestyle changes, the second stage can also be treated with proper care and medicines, but it becomes dangerous at the third and fourth stage which is the last one as it results in heart failure.

What are the Reasons Behind High Blood Pressure?

We must be very careful about our diet and lifestyle if we wish to recover it in the initial stages. I would definitely inform you how to cure high blood pressure effects at the first stage in the next article because before that you need to know the causes of hypertension. We can only refute complications once we are aware of their roots and that has guided me to enlist the causes of high blood pressure.

There are two types of hypertension and both have different causes, therefore would start with primary hypertension.  The primary one is common and is found in most patients. It is easy to control, it is basically the result of our own actions.

What Causes Primary Hypertension?

➧ Genes – High blood pressure can be genetic sometimes as children can inherit these problems from their forefathers. It is quite common to inherit heart-related diseases and blood pressure problems in families with BP patients.

➧ Physical changes – If your body is changing due to aging, or other such reasons, then your blood pressure might increase. But, the problem increases when it keeps increasing or decreasing.

➧ Lifestyle – If you eat too much salt, junk food, and spices then it will definitely impact your blood flow. Unnecessary weight gain, for example, can also lead to high blood pressure.

➧ Environment change – Change in life-style usually disturbs the diet routine. People tend to skip food when in office or college and overeat on several occasions, and this results in increased blood pressure.

What Causes Secondary Hypertension?

Secondary hypertension is not as usual as the primary one. It appears quickly and does not give you much time for diagnosis and treatment. It is something to be afraid of, because it is the result of serious mistakes, and might take your life. The major cause behind secondary hypertension is the side effects of medicines, the use of illegal drugs, kidney disease, etc.

Heart diseases are increasing now a day because people are not aware of the impact of incorrect lifestyles. That’s the reason I have prepared a series of articles where I will inform you about the causes, symptoms, impacts, and treatment of High Blood Pressure Effects.


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