What is Bottle Cap Challenge? Know More About It

bottle cap challenge

Just to start with, We would like to depict that Bottle Cap Challenge is a crazy game or we can say crazy stunt. It is an internet craze. Today the internet is so close to our heart and brain, that anything posted or made viral is followed by people blindly. On top of it, if one does it, then others start gaining expertise in it.

Bottle Cap Challenge is one of amongst crazy challenges. Like kiki dance which became popular a year back and lots of miss happening also took place. There were a few more fun games like the Ice Bucket Challenge, where people poured cold water/ice on their heads. There was another challenge of Mannequin Challenge which went viral in late 2016, showing the videos of frozen people in action like mannequins. Now the latest stunt is of Bottle Cap Challenge becoming very popular and requiring a high level of skill to win it.

What is Bottle Cap Challenge?

The Bottle Cap Challenge is the one in which one show their potential in opening the cap of the drink bottle with a kick instead of using hands. This started around 6th July 2019. Now, it is in full bloom, all about kicking it open. Leave about ordinary people, even the stars like Mariah Carey, Ellie Goulding, Ryan Reynolds, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and more have been attempting and enjoying the challenge. The birth of this Bottle Cap Challenge took place when Taekwondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin posted his skilled fly kick. Thereafter, a viral trend was born.

How Bottle Cap Challenge is performed?

  • Take a filled bottle and place it in front of you.
  • It should be kept lower than chest height or at a distance possible for the one to kick.
  • Unlock the lid but with a few screws left – otherwise, the lid will just fall off.
  • By performing circular martial arts kick called a roundhouse; effort is applied to get the sole of foot to unlock the cap completely.
  • While doing this, ask your friend to make a video to record the entire challenge.
  • But remember all the attempts video should not be uploaded only the successful finish video.


bottle cap challenge

Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra

Many Celebrities too, fell into the trap of Bottle Cap Challenge.

  • Jason Statham an actor and enthusiastic stuntman also got involved showing us how it’s done and making it look easy after being nominated by John Mayer.
  • Martial arts actor Donnie Yen also participated blindly.
  • A few have won the challenge by opening up to three bottles at a time.
  • Even a child managed to open it with a kick of a football.
  • The Bottle Cap Challenge by opening the bottle without even making any contact was won by singer Mariah Carey. She posted a video of her preparing to seemingly kick the bottle cap by warming up with some martial arts-esque moves.
  • She had also used her piercing vocals to send the lid flying off Skills.
  • Justin Beiber dared wife Hailey Baldwin and also Tom Cruise accepted the challenge and did it.
  • The challenge was first accepted by DJ Diplo did it by himself and passed it onto Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  • Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra too accepted the Bottle Cap Challenge and enjoyed the stunt
  • Akshay Kumar too enjoyed this challenge.

This challenge rose to another level when acting star Jason Statham posted a solo- video of him taking part than other Hollywood stars too has started following it.

Hailey Baldwin to John Mayer all is trying the Internet’s latest viral challenge.

Prior to enjoying the fun, gather some inspiration from celebrities who have conquered, failed and even put their own fun twist on this Bottle Cap Challenge.



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