When is the best time to buy a new Smartphone?


When is the best time to buy a new Smartphone?

Dear phone,

Thank you for being there in my sadness and in health! Will miss you!


Luv, me!

This is what almost all of us do, as soon as our phone takes the last breath or if we want to just purchase a new phone!

We truly live in the era of smart phones, surrounded by stupid people! Wondering y?

Despite of your bank account, flooding with hordes of cash, one has to be smart about where to invest and where not to! Smart phones have become one of the most essential parts of our lives!

Today, it’s really difficult to imagine one’s life without the smart phones. Then either, be it the old or the new!

Well the most precise answer I can give to this title is “when you really need it”!!

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There are certain people, who switch onto new phones, every time, just after its launch! Well not all can afford that right! In that case, I would suggest some few things to preserve your old phone, until you can afford the new one!

There aren’t many things that you can do to save your old phone, but yes:

  • Take good care of the old phone. Ofcourse!
  • Do not update the higher OS more than once in your old versions as this might cause problems.

Never purchase any Smartphone during its hype period. Waiting for 3-4 months is a smart decision as through this; you might get lucky with some cost cuttings later as well as keep a regular check on the reviews of the newly launched smart phones! Usually the reviews with the three stars are the unbiased ones.

Now keeping a check on their launches, one can patiently wait till the eve of any festival, like Diwali eve, just round the corner presently!

Diwali is the most popularly celebrated festivals of India. Hence, from the time of Diwali to New Year, it is an appropriate time to purchase a new Smart phone, if required. There are huge discount deals available during this season.

Most importantly, shelling out even 5k cash just to experience a little change in the upcoming technology is a very bad decision!  Because waiting for the new technology can be fruitful, if you have the patience for waiting for it a little than longer that you do!!

However December is considered as the best time to purchase a new phone because, Samsung, htc, Lg, Redmi, Motorola and all other premium brands drop in their initial price, along with the price of the iphones!

But Alas! Today’s generation has a major problem of impatience and thus the saying holds true, that “we live in a smart era, surrounded by stupid people!”-Irony!






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