Why are the cases of Cancer in India on rise?


Cancer has become a big concern in India as it has taken ample numbers of life which is rising with every upcoming day. According to a reputed tabloid the situation of cancer in India is very critical and approximately more than 14 lakhs people are suffering from this disease. Additionally every year 7 lakhs new cases enlisted and more than 5.5 lakhs death happened because of cancer. And it is estimated that more than 70% of cancer related deaths are happening between 30 to 70 years.

However there is a sigh of relief that if cancer is identified in its initial phase, than it can be treated and patient can live his life by defeating cancer. Moreover there are modern development occurs in medical science which helps people who are having cancer can live for more than 5 years. Therefore it is very important if this kind of deadly disease happens then the treatment should be done in initial phase so that they can save their life. Specialist suggests that if you find any changes or abnormality in your body then you must see a doctor without delay to check whether you are healthy or not. It is not necessary that it will be the symptoms of cancer, but it is necessary to see doctors, and if it is found in early stage then it would be easy to cure.

Now we should know what the common reasons for cancer are. Let’s discuss about some common reasons:


Consuming tobacco plays big role which enhance the possibility of cancer. It is the reason for 20% universal cancer and 70& responsible for lung cancer which causes death. We know that lung cancer is very common cancer. It is surprising that 13% of death in the world is happening because of lung cancer. The reckless consuming of tobacco and smoking has increased the possibility of cancer. Approximately 2500 deaths every day is the result of tobacco.

Ionizing Radiation

It happens due to excessive use of X-rays, these X-ray can damage the DNA which can cause cancer. So avoid X-ray unless it is needed compulsory.

Ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet radiation rushes of the sun hurt the DNA of cells. Reckless contact to these beams may likewise prompt skin cancer. It is suggested to cover your whole body and avoid direct contact of sunrays. Always use sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and rule out the possibility of cancer.

Carcinogenic Chemicals and Food

Carcinogenic foods like pickled, over spicy, overcooked, smoked, salted food which might be cause of cancer. It is also to stay away from Carcinogenic Chemicals such as diesel wastage, asbestos, benzene and arsenic.

Symptoms of cancer

Continuous fever

Blood in cough

Unrelenting pain in bones

Consistent vomiting, tiredness and sickness

Swelling in any part of body

Infection in any body part

Sudden weight loss and hunger

Continuous headache

These are some common symptoms which should not be avoided. It will be great if you see doctor immediately. If you find that there is no any cancer then you can feel relax but if it is detected then you must get the treatment at initial stage in order to get it treated successfully.


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