Why Dahi or Curd Is The Best SuperFood To Protect Your Body From Heat This Summer


Why Dahi Is The Best SuperFood To Protect Your Body From Heat This Summer

          The month of July is about to end in a few days but the level of heat has not been reduced much even after a few down pours here and there. Although there are various means like drinking cool lemonade, eating ice cream, sipping bottled soda and drinking cold coco through which we are quenching our thirst in the scorching heat but not all of them give us relief for a long time. Here we would tell you what our conventional Indian “Dahi” or curd can do for you this summer.

          Yes, you heard it right “Dahi” or Curd can help you beat the heat along with providing you a number of benefits you were not be aware of. Mainly curd are linked with the aid for improving digestion inside our body but wait what if we say feeding curd in your everyday meal can help you cure a number of other diseases. This goes as far to tell you that curd/Dahi is one important part you ought to include in your daily eating habits.

          The terming of benefits doesn’t ends here, curd contains Probiotics you must have read them many a times over the carton of Amul Curd you might wonder what Probiotics might be. Well, they are nothing but in simple terms be called Good Bacteria which help us keep our immune system strong and healthy. Not only that consuming curd can be very much beneficial to your heart especially if you are at the risk of any kind of heart disease. They stop the accumulation of cholesterol in the arterial layers of the heart thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Better to say they help preserve better health of your heart.

          On the other hand if you are a person who is usually prone to stress and anxiety then you must try adding curd to the list of things you eat in your diet. They are great stress busters and directly reduce the level of stress in your brain. Just like milk, curd also contain calcium which are perfect supplements for the bones as well as teeth. Well it is were for the old folks we would say consuming curd everyday could prevent suffering from Osteoporosis and Arthritis for a long time. They have very good benefits.

  Now if its all up to your personal preference, that you are not a milk lover or heat the aroma of milk rather the taste, you can always resort to curd for they resemble the same benefits as that of milk. Having identical formation.

You must have seen many aunties and even girls applying a layer of curd over their skin well you are smart enough to guess what the least curd could do for you is improve the texture of your skin greatly owing to the various minerals like Zinc, Phosphorous and Vitamin E in it.

          Hence next time you go to the store do not forget to buy a “Dibbi of Dahi” knowing the kind of benefits we have made you known.


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