Why Do Relationships Fail?


Why Do Relationships Fail?

To live better life you need to have healthy relationship. The problem of failed relationships is now hot topic among the people. It is because there are several reasons that can damage the beauty of relationship. There are many significant aspects that establish the permanency of every relationship. When these aspects or factors are avoided, the problem begins naturally between the couples. Here we will highlight some of the factors which are responsible for relationship failure:-


Trust is the main ingredient of a healthy relationship so it is important to have trust in your life partner. Distrust is one of the main factors that can harm your relationships. Even if you feel something fishy about your partner then you need to talk with him/her. Be clear and straightforward to your  partner and don’t be lying to him/her because it will gradually increase distrust between both of you.

More expectations more disappointment

This is very common for those people who are totally depend upon their partner. Well love and caring matters a lot but if you put whole pressure on your partner do you manage to get the real happiness. Don’t expect more which is not the cup of tea of your partner. There is a need of self depend attitude and supportive nature between the couple so that both of don’t feel pressurize and dominance in relationships.


The biggest mistake happens in life when a person take his relationship for granted and cheat his/her partner. The stability of relationships need equal level of loyalty from both side. It becomes a bad dream for anyone who come to know that his/her partner is involving love affair outside. Don’t play with the emotions of each other and if you both  have issues related to physical, mental ,financial and others than you should sit and sort out your problem mutually.

Selfish Nature

When you are in a relationship you should not be self centered. We are not saying that don’t think about your own life. You can’t always get what you desire from your partner. There is a need of compromise and adjustment between the couple. You need to respect each other point of view besides having difference in it.

Lack of time and efforts      

Sometime couple have busy lifestyle in which they hardly gets time to spend with each other. Well there is a need of time management. To maintain the stability of your relationship you can take at least 5 minutes to shower your love to your partner through message, phone calls, video and all that. Make sure that your busy schedule is not killing your relationship. Try to make little efforts make your partner happy and believe me these little efforts definitely give strength to your relationship.

Over possessive and space

Every person require space in relationships because he/she has sole identity.  You need to your partner space and distance so that your relationship goes smoothly . Over reacting and over possessiveness can ruin your relationship. So don’t be so ardent and harsh on your partner. Maintain the balance in relationship and don’t be too close and don’t be too far from your partner.       


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