I Will Return Faster and Stronger – Says Rising Cricketer Prithvi Shaw

Prithvi Shaw

The recent announcement by BCCI has disappointed all cricket fans as they have banned India Test Match opener PRITHVI SHAW. Though he has not violated any law deliberately. Prithvi Shaw has been charged for violating doping laws. According to their reports, he has “inadvertently ingested a prohibited substance, which can be commonly found in cough syrups.”

Shaw Admits to Take Terbutaline Inadvertently

Prithvi Shaw’s doctor yesterday released a statement that he has never consumed any substance due to corrupt intentions, though he affirmed that Shaw did consume a cough syrup. He had provided urine samples during a routine anti-doping testing program in Feb 2019. His sample was also tested along with other cricketers.

The test results prove that some amount of Terbutaline has been found in his samples. The substance is commonly found in general medicines such as cough syrup, and everyone since then was opposing this decision of BCCI because Prithvi Shaw did not take the prohibited Terbutaline due to corrupt intentions.

Prithvi Shaw Has Sincerely Accepted the Punishment as a Lesson

Prithvi has accepted the punishment, and promised to return “faster and stronger.” He has thanked BCCI for the support they have offered. Prithvi is a 19-year-old cricketer and has accepted his fault for being careless in consuming a medicine which has resulted in his ban till November 15, 2019. He hopes his incident would inspire future players and they won’t repeat his actions in the “eagerness to play.”

He further suggests all players to be cautious while taking any sort of drug even it is for to recover medical ailments. According to him, he will sincerely accept the punishment because players can’t afford to be careless while playing at such levels, and it’s their responsibility to take law and order seriously.


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