Will Yogi Adityanath be able to prove his ‘Yogi’yta as C.M. of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath

Will Yogi be able to prove his ‘Yogi’yta as C.M. of Uttar Pradesh

Ever since Mr. Yogi Adiyanath has taken the charge as the Chief Minister of U.P., he has come under scrutiny for everything from his Hindu orientation to his educational qualification to his political affiliations.  The question arises as to whether the image of being a Hindu ascetic leader will compromise the inclusive growth dreams of the state of U.P. We must analyze the previous political career of Yogi Adityanath before arriving at a conclusion. He is a well-educated person with a strong mental acumen and a long political experience. He has five times consecutively remained the Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur seat. He also holds the record of being an active parliamentarian with the highest number of questions asked in the House in comparison to the other stalwarts. However, on the other hand, being an advocate of Fanatic Hinduism, he had given the famous theory of Love Jihad for the rise of India as a Hindu Nation accusing Muslim men of entrapping Hindu women and converting them to Islam in the name of marriage. He has also been accused of certain acts of crime such as attempt to murder, spreading religious enmity and trespassing burial places. Though in none of them the charges could be proved against him till date.

Yogi now holds the heavy responsibility of development in the State of U.P. in coordination with the other two Deputy Chief Ministers. Being a profounder of Hindutva, he will have to prove himself as a moderate reformist. The state is already jostling with many problems such as law and order, poverty, unemployment, communal instability etc. He will have to take care of the communal forces and will have to strike out a balance with various religions in the State. Further, the schemes and development agenda must not neglect the minority in the State. Even the reserved castes which have shown faith in the promises made by the BJP, must not be disappointed. It will not come to him very easy as criticism is also waiting at every step by the opposition parties. His enthusiasm should be well directed in the right direction to lead the path to development. The decision as to whether  Modi chose the right man for U.P. is not far sighted. Observing his bright Parliamentarian record reflects that he is sure to bring the major overhaul in the state of chaos in Uttar Pradesh. His arrival has been marked by review of assets and properties of his own cabinet which shows that he is following into the footsteps and developmental model of Narendra Modi. Hope Uttar Pradesh also gets a savior in the form of Yogi Adityanath to save the State from the condition of anarchy.


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