I lay there crouched into the corner,
gauging my eyes at the front,
as there lay a cart laden with eatables,
people merrily gnawing at their comestibles.

Every day I patiently wait, for someone to leave the remains,
so that I can stealthily gobble up the grains into my mouth,
thinking of my unfortunate daily, going to bed full, I doubt.

I witness people’s boggling eyes set upon me,
yet no one tries offering anything I plea.
I doubt them being in my shoes ever. I pray they never see it ever.

I have seen the dark days, I have felt the shiver,
I have known its value, and I have known it better.
I remember how we fight for every morsel we have,
and the golden people discard, every remains they have.

Sometimes I feel like tearing my stomach apart,
because I know this way I shall slowly depart.

I know m loosing myself, a part of me echoes ,
yet with a hope in my eyes, I wake up every day,
facing the new challenges and once again with an empty bowl I lay…praying to pass in my sleep…an easy way to leave -I wish -I sleep ,I sleep sleep!!!…

World food day is celebrated on 16th October every year, to mark the foundation of Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945 with the aim to attain Zero hunger by 2030 under Sustainable developmental goal (SDG) 2.

Today, on the occasion of the World Food Day, I have written a poem to grab your distracting attentions, from your so called busy schedules and exhausting work lives, into the lives of the forgotten, who are facing a grave challenge to solely survive even today!

The hunger rates are soaring high, with the records crossing the bars, with OUR COUNTRY on the top! Don’t believe me? Just go through the records:

1 India 190.7 million
2 China 150.8 million
3 Pakistan 39.6 million>
4 Ethiopia 32.9 million


Ever thought of this before dumping that delicious food laden plate into the sink, just because you did not like the taste of it! Well here, you are choosing among the most savored dishes, whereas, there they are, searching endlessly in the dustbins, on the roads etc. in a hope of finding something edible! JUST TO SURVIVE!!!

Next time, when your hand weighed plate motions towards the sink, just think for once, the number of people craving for a decent roti, in order to breathe!

In ell to this, the irony in our nation lies in the fact that the “Feeders of the nation” are themselves perishing due to hunger. It’s such a satire, that Indians as a whole cannot be the caretaker of the one’s, who are the reason for our survival- THE FARMERS!!

They are still struggling to survive with their meager income or no income at all! Thus, increasing the poverty!

This day, just take the pain of feeding at least one destitute of the society in annex to being wary about the food wastage!

Before fulfilling its motto “LET THERE BE FOOD”, pull off, “LET THERE BE LESS WASTAGE”.


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