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World Oral Health Day 2020: Tips for Oral Health Know When You Should Go to the Dentist

world oral health day

Theme of World Oral Health Day 2020

Our mouth is the inner reflection of our body and delivers our general health and well-being. One should avoid risk factors, adopt good oral hygiene habits and have regular dental check-ups to help protect mouth and body.

Healthy body having healthy oral system works effectively in the body. Maintaining a healthy mouth is not very easy but crucial in keeping it functioning correctly and for maintaining overall health and quality of life.

Theme for World Oral Day:

Think Mouth, Think Health‚ empowers one to keep a healthy mouth and helps to maintain general health and well-being.

“# Unite for Mouth Health”

World Health Organization Declared Dental Health Tips

FDI, World Dental Federation has announced that materials are available for member associations to use in the promotion of World Oral Health Day (WOHD), which is celebrated on March 20. These include posters, ads, a brochure, an advocacy toolkit, and more. If one is an ADI Fellow, an Affiliate member of FDI, then can register to download the materials at

FDI develops the WOHD strategy and messaging, which are then passed further through the affiliate members. A member toolkit has been prepared to provide with the WOHD branding and key messages and introduce one to the resources for the development of national campaigns. One should come forward to get involved with WOHD and encourage others to join the global movement.

World Oral Health Day 1 the Campaign


A healthy mouth and a healthy body go simultaneously, and this year’s campaign theme to recognize the close association between the two and the impact that one has on the other. “Say Ahh” “# Unite for Mouth Health”.

It is for the first time, FDI is launching a three-year campaign strategy under the theme ‘Say Ahh’. The phrase is synonymous with health and will resonate with many globally. It is commonly used by both dentists and doctors during check-ups and invites people to open their mouths for examination. It is combined with different sub-themes each year, the ‘Say Ahh’ campaign brings to life, the notion of the mouth serving as a mirror to the body and reflecting overall health.

In 2018, the aim is to educate people on the mouth and body connection and ‘Think Mouth, Think Health’. In 2019, the goal is to motivate people to take action in protecting their oral health and ‘Act on Mouth Health’. In 2020, the aim is to empower people to work together to drive positive change for oral health and ‘Unite for Mouth Health’.

World Oral Health Day 2 about WOHD


Every year it is celebrated on March 20, on oral health “World Oral Health Day” is the largest global awareness campaign. This awareness was launched by FDI World Dental Federation in 2007 and is the result of year-long activities dedicated to raising global awareness on the prevention and control of oral disease. One interested to know more can visit

World Oral Health Day 3 FDI Copyrights and Permissions

FDI possess all logical property rights of the resources. It is banned to make commercial use of the resources, in whole or in part, without prior permission. The WOHD campaign material and logo cannot be used in connection with the sale of products, for the promotion of a practice or company or for any direct or indirect commercial purpose or advantage. The material can only be used in association with WOHD initiatives.

If one is not an FDI member association, cannot adapt the material and must use it as provided. WOHD material must be published with the following copyright notice within the image or next to it: © FDI World Dental Federation. If one has any query concerning rights to use the WOHD logo or material, please contact the global team:

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