The World’s 10 Wonderful Cricket Grounds


Cricket is a fever among people, the cricket stadiums hold an important value and are the venues for your favorite sport, perhaps.Given below are the ten amazing and best cricket grounds around the world :

1. Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Sydney-Cricket-GroundImage Source: Wikipedia

This is a multi sport style stadium in Australia. It primarily hosts international cricket matches. It was established in 1864. It is favorable for the spinners and has been hosting many New Year’s Eve test matches regularly. Also, it is the home ground for the New South Wales Blues Cricket team.

2. Newlands Cricket Ground, Capetown

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Newlands-Cricket-GroundImage Source: Newlands Cricket Ground

It is considered one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. The ground opened in 1888 and is spin-friendly for the bowlers. The Proteas have a box full of memories here with matches they have played and won.

3. Eden Gardens, Kolkata

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Eden-GardensImage Source: Photobundle

The Eden Gardens in the city of joy has been a centre of international cricket since 1934 when England played India. It is one of the cricket’s most iconic grounds located in Kolkata. It is also the second biggest ground in the world after MCG, Australia. It has hosted some of the greatest matches in world cricket.

It is also known as ‘Cricketer’s answer to Colosseum.’ There is complete passion, excitement and energy  visible at this ground during the matches.

4. Lord’s Cricket Ground, London

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Lord’s-Cricket-GroundImage Source:

One of the most iconic cricket grounds, Lord’s is also known as the “Home of Cricket.” It needs no introduction as all the cricket aficionados are well aware with this stadium. It was built in1814 and hosted more than 100 Test matches.

5. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Melbourne-Cricket-GroundImage Source:

MCG is the tenth largest stadium in the world and is also known as “The G.” It was built in 1853 and has hosted two cricket world cups in 1992 and 2015. It has witnessed many matches between Australia and England, especially , the Ashes.

6. Queen’s Park Oval

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Queen’s-Park-OvalImage Source: Wikipedia

It is the largest capacity cricket ground in West Indies. It is oval in shape, as the name suggests.  It has also played host to many matches. It is one of the most strikingly beautiful cricket venues.

7. HPCA Stadium

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-HPCA-StadiumImage Source: TripAdvisor

HPCA is a cricket stadium in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.It is inarguably the most beautiful and spectacular cricket ground that provides an enchanting view of the hills and bracing mountains. It is a visual treat for both the players and spectators at HPCA Stadium. You should have no two thoughts about watching a cricket match here as you will be thrilled and mesmerized by the show here. Although not many big matches have been played here, yet IPL matches have been played here and added to its fame.

8. Galle International Stadium

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Galle-International-StadiumImage Source: Wikipedia

The Galle International Stadium in Sri Lanka is a beautiful cricket ground with stellar views. Yes, it also serves advantage to spinners. It was known as “The Esplanade”  before it started hosting International cricket matches.

9. Kensington Oval, Barbados

The World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-Kensington-OvalImage Source: Barbados Island Rentals

Also known as “The Mecca of Cricket,” this stadium is located on the island of Barbados. It has hosted many cricket matches be it regional or international.

10. The WACA, Perth

The-World’s-10-Wonderful-Cricket-Grounds-The-WACAImage Source: Daily News

The WACA is a stadium in Perth, Western Australia. It is considered as the quickest and bounciest in the world. The pitch helps fast bowlers in delivering out swing in the match. Many players have enjoyed great success on its ground. It has been a witness to many records. It has also served as a purple patch for Australian cricket team as they have won 29 matches out of the 38 Tests played on the ground.


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