Worried about your stamina and Endurance? Here’s how to improve it!

stamina and Endurance

Witnessing problem in running even a shorter distance? Well, don’t worry as there will come a time, when the distance that you find challenging now, will no longer haunt you!

Running builds stamina steadily with time. It is estimated to take almost 10 days to 4 weeks to be benefitted from running. However, the time depends on the type of run. Faster and more intense runs on the lower side and long steady runs on the higher!

Note: Avoid “too much, too soon” as it leads to injuries.

Here are ways to improve your stamina and Endurance:

1. Be consistent

 stamina and Endurance

Consistent training is required to firmly root your aerobic base, increase the aerobic capacity (amount of oxygen used by the muscles) and strengthen your muscles. Always remember speed follows endurance! Keep adding some extra running into your regular one, slowly. The most appropriate timing is 3-4 running sessions of 30 minutes, where one day indulge in some extra running than the rest of the days!

Consistency is the key to boost your running stamina!

2. Run long

In order to run for a longer time, you must opt running for a longer distance. You can either increase your running time with 5-10 minutes or add 0.5-1 mile each time. It will add up slowly. The long run must be at a slow and continual pace, as many people try to run long faster and hence, end up either injuring themselves or draining off their energy beforehand!

Tip: Just focus on covering the distance at a slow pace.

3. Tempo runs

stamina and Endurance

This type of run include running for a shorter distance but at a higher pace. It must have “comfortably hard” pace that can last from 20-40 minutes for the average runners and upto 60 minutes for more advanced runners. Remember the running must not wear you out completely and leave you panting and struggling for breath. Just make sure to cover the distance, you can cover!

4. Eat for endurance

Carbs is the solution! As a runner you must prioritize your intake of carbs, with almost 55%-65% calorie intake from the carbs. This does not incline you to freely gulp down a bowl of pasta but to intake healthy carbs like brown bread, brown rice, oatmeal etc. it is recommended that you in take a carbs-rich meal before working out, which will give you the energy for workout! Avoid the refined carbs and sugary products as they will hike your blood sugar level!

5. Recover

Recovery is important to carry out your workout efficiently. Good recovery hails from a healthy diet, proper stretching and a sound sleep. Always aim to consume a healthy meal or snacks of carbs and proteins, post 30 minutes of your running as this proves to be the best way to refill your body and absorb the proper nutrients.

6. Work on your running economy

stamina and Endurance

Working on your running economy makes you an efficient runner. Running efficiently can let you run for a longer distance by utilizing less energy. One Good technique comes from running tall (imagine a string holding you up), ensuring that your foot lands under your center of gravity and a rhythm of around 170 – 180 steps per minute.

7. Mind games

This involves preparing yourself mentally for an efficient run. For example, if you have to run for 30 minutes, then mentally dividing the time into 3 slots of 10 each will make it easier for you to achieve.


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