Yoga Or Gym? Breathe Easy or Rough It Up?

yoga or gym

Yoga Or Gym? Breathe Easy or Rough It Up?

 Gym is more about looking good, and Yoga is more about being good. Muscle strengthening is a very important aspect of staying fit and healthy. If your muscles do not possess the strength to carry out the basic day-to-day activities, you know there is something that is wrong with the way that you treat yourself.

It is important to keep your body strong yet flexible. Gym can give your strength, whereas Yoga can give you the overall peace that you deserve at the start or the end of the day. The comparison between the two practices is, however, tough and not very suitable. Both are forms of exercise, and both are good for your health, mind and body. Most of the fitness bloggers nowadays support Yoga. Gym has its own positives and negatives. The comparison between the two can sometimes cannot be overlooked when it comes to what is better for your body. Personal preferences also count.

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Your preferences should always be based on how the particular exercise is treating you, how it makes you feel, how it makes you look, and how it works for you at the practical level.

Weight Loss

Gym is anyday a better choice if you are more inclined towards weight loss. According to some study, a 45-minute class at the gym can burn up to 800 calories, whereas a yoga session will burn up to just 298 calories. Thus, if you are looking for pure weight loss, gym is better. However, the perfect toning aspect of Yoga cannot be overlooked by how quick gymming is for weight loss. Toning your body helps in continual weight loss. Yoga poses are amazing for toning of your body, for example, the Chair Pose helps in toning your calves, the Warrior II pose helps in toning your arms. Practicing Yoga will create an effect on your body shape, but it will take its own sweet time.

Yoga is more in counting into spiritual terms, it includes how we approach our lives and how we approach the different aspects of our lives. While Gym makes us realise our limits as to how far we can push our body, Yoga makes us realise the true essence and the spirit of the body. Yoga helps in keeping the mind and the body calm and controlled, as the energy in form of peace is gained through a yoga session, which is nourishing.

Yoga or Gym

Mental Wellbeing

Yoga helps you become calm , mindful and peaceful. It makes you more contended with whatever comes your way. You tend to become more positive and contended, and all the negative thoughts go away. You will feel less irritable and more tolerant on the day that you have practiced Yoga, than the regular days.

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Gym also makes you feel relaxed. You feel positive when you know you can achieve this target in this given time and when you have done it right. You discover something in terms of your strength which you yourself did not know. However, Gym represents a competition with your own self. You strive to become better day-by-day in terms of your shaping that you actually get into very competitive mode. You strive for perfection and if that does not happen, you push yourself harder intolerantly. This does not happen in Yoga.

Practical Aspects of Time and Money

Covering these two practical aspects is very essential. Yoga can be practiced at home with a free mind and a relaxed body. Yoga does not actually have to cost a penny unless you are very particular about professional yoga courses.

Gym, however, makes the practice ineffective if you are not visiting the place. Yoga does not need so much time for execution. You however, need to devote some fixed hours to gym in order to reap the benefits of the exercise. Although it’s good to have a yoga instructor to teach you something different than the common yoga poses, it’s not necessary to deploy a hard-core yoga trainer to hold a session, unlike gym.

Yoga or Gym

Thus, practicing Yoga or Gym totally depends on the kind of motivation you are looking forward to. Going to the gym is good if you are looking forward to pure weight loss, and practicing yoga is helpful if you are looking forward to cover the aspects of mental health, calm and peace.


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