“Zakhmi Jooton ka Hospital” entices the warm-hearted Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra- Kind hearted man

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the renowned Mahindra group has been in the lime light for his contributions to the worthy common man.

 He is known to posses a keen eye, which some time back, qualified the glimpse of a Kerala driver, who converted his auto rickshaw to seem like Mahindra Scorpio.Witnessing this, the chairman not only purchased his creation but also gifted him with a Mahindra Supro Mini Van.

 Following this incident, its now a cobbler who has seemed to grab his attention due to his exclusive Marketing skills. The Chairman revealed to have received a WatsApp photo that depicted a mid-life man, seated at his workshop with a billboard that read “Zakhmi jooton ka hospital”. Along with this, Dr. Nurseeram, the cobbler, also specifies the timings of his OPD and also the German techniques which he incorporates to heal the ill “shoe” victims.

 Enticed by the man’s artistry in business making, Anand Mahindra shared the picture and tweeted,“This man should be teaching marketing at the Indian Institute of Management”. Apart from his deep-heartened appreciation to the man’s unique talent, he has also extended his hands to make a small investment in his start-up by citing “Got it on WhatsApp. No clue who or where he is or how old this pic is. If anyone can find him and he’s still doing this work I’d like to make a small investment in his ‘startup’.” 

 This tweet hit the man’s artistry with a lightening flash, when the people piled up with accolades for the middle-aged “Common man”!

 Anand Mahindra was also appreciated and given the title “The  man with a third eye” and “The talent spotter”.

 This has embarked that talent, hard work , dedication and patience always pays back. The man however, must not even be knowing how famous he has become in just one night!



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