Shah Rukh Khan Reflects on Virat Kohli’s Journey from Anushka’s Beau to Bollywood’s ‘Damaad’

Virat Kohli

Shah Rukh Khan, one of Bollywood’s most enduring icons, recently shared his insights on the fascinating journey of Virat Kohli, from being the star cricketer and Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend to becoming an admired son-in-law of the Bollywood fraternity. The relationship between Virat and Anushka, affectionately known as ‘Virushka’ by fans, has always been more than just a merger of cricket and cinema—it has been a blend of style, passion, and mutual respect that has captivated the nation.

Shah Rukh’s Unique Perspective

During a candid interview, Shah Rukh Khan reminisced about the early days of Virat and Anushka’s relationship. Known for his wit and profound observations, Shah Rukh commented on how he witnessed the couple’s growth, both personally and professionally. “He is the only actor…,” Shah Rukh joked, playfully referring to Virat’s seamless integration into the Bollywood culture through his marriage to Anushka. This comment highlights the deep bond Virat has developed with the Bollywood community, transcending the boundaries between two of India’s most glamorous industries.

Virat Kohli

Teaching the ‘Pathaan’ Dance Step

One of the lighter moments Shah Rukh shared was about teaching Virat the dance steps to a song from his movie ‘Pathaan’. This interaction not only showcases their friendly rapport but also reflects how Virat, primarily known for his aggressive batting and sharp captaincy on the cricket field, embraces the lighter, more artistic side of life off the field. Shah Rukh’s teaching moment with Virat symbolizes a bridging of worlds where talents are shared and new experiences celebrated.

The Role of a Bollywood ‘Damaad’

Being termed as Bollywood’s ‘damaad’ (son-in-law), Virat Kohli has embraced a role that goes beyond his athletic prowess. This label, bestowed with affection and a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor by Shah Rukh, encapsulates Virat’s acceptance into the family of Bollywood through his marriage to Anushka. It signifies a welcoming of diverse talents and personalities into the fold of India’s cinematic heritage, showcasing the inclusive nature of Bollywood’s cultural dynamics.

Virat and Anushka: Power Couple Dynamics

Virat and Anushka’s relationship stands as a testament to the power of supportive partnerships. Shah Rukh Khan pointed out how both have managed their careers and public life with immense grace and dignity, becoming role models for millions. The couple has been vocal about social issues, environmental concerns, and animal rights, using their massive influence to effect positive change. Their journey from being in a relationship to marriage and parenthood, all under the relentless scrutiny of the public eye, has been handled with maturity and aplomb, further endearing them to their fans across both spectrums—cricket and cinema.


Shah Rukh Khan’s reflections on Virat Kohli’s transformation from a cricket icon to a beloved member of the Bollywood community underscore a broader narrative of mutual respect and cultural integration. This story goes beyond mere celebrity gossip; it is about the convergence of different worlds and how they can coexist harmoniously, inspiring each other to transcend traditional roles. Virat, once just the star cricketer dating a Bollywood actress, now stands as a significant figure in the cinematic world, not through his films, but through his deep connections and impactful personal journey within the industry. As Shah Rukh aptly puts it, Virat is not just a cricketer but an actor in his own right, playing his part with sincerity and love, both on and off the field.