Worlds most expensive phone: Vertu launches feature phone at Rs 2.3 crore


Vertu is known for its super-expensive phones. The luxury phone manufacturer has launched the phone under the Signature Cobra Brand at the whooping price tag of CNY 2.47 million which comes out to be around INR 2.3 crores. Wow what a handsome amount! If you are wondering that only a featured phone cost 2.3 crores, what’s so special about this. Well to unfold your surprise this phone has 439 Rubies in the shape of Cobra and it will be delivered in the Helicopter.

Vertu has made only 8 pieces of phone and just to make delivery special to its Customers company has decided to deliver it with Helicopter. What! A phone to be delivered via Helicopter. Yes you heard it right. Vertu wants to ensure speedy and special delivery to all its special customers.

Whosesoever wants to buy the Phone they have to book online on Chinese online retailer by making the payment of CNY 1000 (INR 10,000) to book the device and rest to be paid on delivery. The phone has been designed by French jeweler, Boucheron and holds two emerald eyes, and 439 rubies.


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