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“Be aware of the Harmful Chemicals One Is Consuming In the Form of Packed Food”

harmful chemicals in food

Food is the main source of fuel in our body.  But eating right is must. In this 24×7 busy life, people are compromising with the food in some or the other way. Truly it is a wrong practice as nothing happens instantly, effects (may be positive or negative) cannot be seen immediately by our body, it is a slow process and one day it speaks at its own, depending upon the problem faced by one’s body and then one rushes to the doctor and from here one starts developing a strong relationship with the doctor and doctor is happy as you are his permanent customer and slowly starts believing doctor more than self. Easy to say one gives remote control into the hands of others.

Therefore, it is always worth to take care of self from the very beginning such that never get a chance to visit a doctor by stopping the consumption of harmful food.

It will be hard to believe that harmful food is only the culprit to make us unhealthy. Some of the fast harmful food like- reserved fast food, soft drinks, ice creams, chocolate, toffees breads, junk food, jams, jellies, fried foods, preserved foods etc. is rapidly increasing instead of consumption of natural food. 

One feels that food cooked at home are always good, but it is not so, it can become harmful food, if cooked without any knowledge. It seems cooking is very easy but it is the most difficult process. Some of the food items are attractive and readily available which is easy to use but how they are becoming harmful food for us is not clear. Harmful food for the body acts like slow poisons which destroys both our body and mind.

Preserved foods contain chemicals in it so, are the most harmful food. It gives rise to different diseases. Some Chemicals are preservatives and some are mixed for artificial fragrance and taste. Some Chemicals are mixed so that stale food appears fresh.  These Chemicals are very harmful as get stored in the fat of the body for a long time which increases the possibility of deadly disease like cancer.

To make food items attractive different Chemicals are used which increase the possibility of mouth ulcer, indigestion, throat pain, black patches on the body and asthma. It increases the possibility of liver cirrhosis and kidney problems too.

Let us have a look to these chemicals we are talking repeatedly. Some of the chemicals used for artificial taste are described below.

chemicals used for artificial taste

Butter flavor- Diacetyl,  Apple flavour – amyl valerianate with other chemicals such as ethyl alcohol, glycerine, tartaric acid, chloroform etc., coffee flavor- benzyl benzoate, ethyl acetate, Cola flavour – caffeine, glycerine, Strawberry flavor- ethyl methyl phenyl acetate, Raspberry flavor- Ionone, Cherry flavor- benzyl aldehyde benzoic acid ethyl alcohol etc., Pineapple flavour ethyl butyrate, Grapes flavour -methyl anthranilate, amyl butyrate, Banana flavour -ISO amyl acetate with ethyl alcohol.

These Chemicals are also found in pickles, jams, jellies, soft drinks, cold drinks, drinks enclosed in cans and closed bottles. These give rise to very dangerous diseases like-ulcer, colitis and sinusitis. So, in a way they are harmful foods.

As already mentioned about some of the chemicals which are present in our food item, but the way these chemicals are affecting us one should have a good understanding.

Monosodium glutamate- It is also known by name; Ajinomoto, Ascent and Vetsin. It damages the brain, it gives burning sensation, it gives rise to diseases like headache, chest ache, excessive sweating, allergy etc. It is used in fast food to make it tasty and also to make the stale food to look fresh.

Sodium benzoate– It disturbs the balance of sodium, potassium and Phosphorus in our body. It increases the blood pressure. Also used as a preservative.

Oxalic acid -It increases acidity, it is used to increase the taste.

Formaldehyde – It hardens the tissues, gives burning sensation to the respiratory and digestive system, it also destroy Kidneys. Not only this, also gives burning sensation to eyes nose and throat. This substance also harms the Nervous System. It may lead to cancer.  It is used in the formation of sugar and also used as a preservative. It is also found in toothpaste and shampoo. With all this one can understand how much dangerous this chemical is and our good food into harmful food.  

Phosphoric acid– It dissolves Calcium from the teeth and bones, memory power decreases and immune system also weakens, diseases like asthma, arthritis diabetes etc. may appear. It is used in sugar, vegetable ghee, soft drinks and other cold drinks.

Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) – It creates burning sensation in the digestive system and ulcer. It may lead to fibrotic growth. Extracts of it, are found in refined oils and vegetable ghee. Sulphur Dioxide gas is very poisonous gas- It causes allergy and also weakens the immune system. It is used in sugar and refined oil formation.

Caffeine- It brings genetic changes in the body, it also harms the structure of DNA and RNA and its effect can be seen in future generations, causes nausea sleeplessness, indigestion, Stretch in muscles and mental disturbance.


It stimulates the nervous system, it is used in soft drinks, chocolate etc, it is also found in tea coffee and tobacco.

Saccharine– It is a synthetic sweet substance which is also known as sugar free food, usually written on bottles but it is 500 times sweeter than sugar. It is fatal for kidney and pancreas. As, it is cheaper than sugar so used in soft drinks, cold drinks, beverages etc. Saccharine transforms healthy food to harmful food.


Soft drinks- Different kinds of chemicals are found in soft drinks which are harmful to health. Soft drinks weaken teeth and bones, as they extract Calcium from the body. Human teeth which does not decay even if buried in soil for years,  but gets dissolved in  20 days if put in soft drinks. Toilets can be cleaned with these soft drinks, it works like an acid. These soft drinks cause diabetes, blood pressure, Insomnia, headache, stomach ache, acidity and basicity etc. They are harmful to heart and liver. 80% people love these cold drinks, especially children. Please open your eyes and see how much we are exposed to harmful foods.

Soft drinks

Preserved food– These foods are the most dangerous, we call then non seasonal foods. One usually suffer with constipation, piles, sore in intestine, disease blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc. due to the chemicals present in the preserved food they have ill effects on Kidneys also.

Preserved food

Fast food and Junk food- They also have the Chemicals like ajinomoto or monosodium glutamate which slowly stores in body, so the whole body becomes toxic, it increases the possibility of cancer, it is also harmful for intestine liver kidney, it also harms the eyes.  Children suffer from asthma and continuous headache, memory gets weaken. Persons consuming such food become violent and may have mental disorders, obesity increases, which results in high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Fast food and Junk food

Ice cream –As such ice creams are not bad but its preparation is converting into harmful food. For preparing ice creams, in place of milk and cream – oil and water is used in its formation through Western techniques. Milk is in very small quantity. To make it soft stabilizers are mixed in it. It also has many chemicals like propylene, glycol aldinate which is a painkiller and germicide. For taste and fragrance piperonal is mixed which is a lice killer.

Ice cream

White bread- It has no fibre. It is the biggest harmful food but is in wide use. Food deficient in fibre, especially in the bread results in constipation, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and digestive disorders. To make bread soft, tasty and to preserve it for a long time, chemicals are mixed which are harmful to health.

White bread

Chocolate– It contains lead which stops the growth of children, cavity starts in the teeth even at the age of 7-8 years.


It is a warning that there are so many other chemicals which are used in food substances for different purposes which are fatal to our body. Kindly be vigilant and extra cautious, to remain healthy and also make others healthy.

Very hot or very cold food should not be consumed; such food is harmful for health and has a bad effect on the digestive system.

“To Remain Healthy Be Away From Harmful Foods”

“Switch to Natural Foods”

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