Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Why Married Women look at the moon through sieve on Karva Chauth

Why Married Women look at the moon through sieve on Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is widely celebrated by married women with a great joy in all over India. This festival or we can say the fast is conducted for the well being and long lasting life of husband by women. On the eve of Karva Chauth we have noticed that our sisters., mothers and all married women offers worship to the full moon while watching by a sieve. Well many of us are curious to know that why they do like that.Well here are some popular stories behind this:

As per religious faith in North India is stated that the full moon occurs in Karva Chauth is a moon of the month of Kartik that symbolize the form of Lord Shiva and his son Lord Ganesha. As we know that Ghoonghat is considered as the symbol of giving respect to elders therefore sieve covers their face which marks that a married women giving respect to the moon.

There is also another belief according to which women offer worship moon to get blessings through the rays filtered by sieve. These filtered rays are believed to be the blessing happiness and prosperity in life. Well it feels good that every Hindu tradition has a strong and impactful logic behind it. Watching Puja with group of women is really a treat to watch. This is time to enjoy this occasion with your family.

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