Crazy Facts about Ghosts No one Has Ever Told You

Crazy Facts about Ghosts

Crazy Facts about Ghosts – How does it feel to become invisible?! Have you ever imagined? Well, for the first few hours, you would love the idea. I am sure you have started to prepare your to-do list by now. Irritating your friends, trying to know your enemies’ opinion about you, and yes, how I could forget this, you would want to stare your crush for hours. It’s Fun Right? But, this power of invisibility would become a curse if there is no end to it. Nobody would be able to see or hear you EVER. This is one of the Crazy Facts about Ghosts, but this is getting scary right? Time will keep on moving, all your friends and family member would die one day, but you will continue to be the same. I am sure you are afraid now and want to drop the idea.

This is the case with poor Ghosts whom all of us are afraid. Yes, I deliberately used the word POOR. You have imagined their life-style, and the only emotion I can feel for them is a pity. They have no one to talk to, to share their thoughts, their emotions and so on. So, they need someone, not to kill, but to entertain themselves.

Okay! Now let me help you expand your perspective about spirits and ghosts who you treated like villains so far. You need to know these Crazy Facts about Ghosts, I have listed below.

▶ Ghosts Can Never Kill Anyone – Don’t you believe it? Let me explain it first. Ghosts don’t kill people, the incidents, or the stories you have heard where people die amidst paranormal activities, actually die of reasons such as heart attack, or they commit suicide. All these instances take place because of fear. When people experience such an existence around them, they get scared and share their fears, but become mad when no one believes them. Ghosts never kill people, they only fright them.

▶ They are always around us – It might seem weird but there is a certainty that a spirit is reading the article with you and is amazed that someone has written about them. Okay… Okay… Don’t be afraid there is no one. But even scientists like Albert Einstein have affirmed their existence. According to religion, and science as well, the energy never dies. It only changes its shape and form. So, there are chances that your ancestors are still around you, and having a watch over your activities. Thinking of clearing your browsing history?

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▶ The Trouble You for Entertainment – Have you ever experienced something like this, for example, you exactly remember you kept your book on your left side but finally found it in the drawer. It is funny, not creepy. Such things always happen to me. I feel like a great source of entertainment for someone and then laugh at the very idea. They have nothing to do guys, and not even interested in TV Drama.

▶ Goodness Never Dies, so does Evil – If someone dies with evil intentions, there are chances that its spirit will continue the same. But you also have positive spirits around you to help you. These things can go wild sometimes. Waking up at night feeling a presence, someone calling your name, or you can also feel a touch when no one is around.

▶ They too are Attention SeekersLike most of us! They want our attention, and that’s the reason they play with us. The only difference is we don’t participate. What would you do if you want to play and your friend is busy with his work? At least I would start irritating, and if I have the power, I would shot the circuit. NO, that’s that extent, I would not go that far though.

▶ They Hate Technology – Why? Because the signals are not good for their health. See if there is a ghost clinic around your place. That was a joke by the way. But they do not like technical appliances such as mobile phones, laptops, watches, etc. Be ready to welcome your new guest when your appliances need repair at the same time.

▶ They like Visit Animals and Children – Have you ever wondered why animals and shy children happen to interact with spirits. Simple because they are often free, and have time to entertain them while we are always busy.

▶ They Only Visit At Night – This is a myth though because they are always present, but you can only hear their voices at night when most of the technical appliances are turned off and there is peace around you.

There are numerous crazy facts about ghosts and spirits that I can share with you such as they never sleep, most of them are afraid of people, they have memories. Etc. but, let’s spare them for the future. For now, I hope you would nicely greet these irritating fellows when you would feel their presence.