10 Dirty Secrets of Glamour World That Will Shock You

dirty secrets of glamour world

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Dirty Secrets of Bollywood Glamour World

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 1 Casting Couch

Casting Couch

In Bollywood, many actors/actress have confessed that they had experienced casting couch during initial years of their survival in this industry. It stood like a necessary malevolence for them.

Ranveer Singh

Ayshmann khurrana

And many more

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 2 Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs

Many actors/actress of Bollywood have extramarital affairs due to which they have a troubled married life.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 3 Intimate Scenes

Intimate Scenes

SPOUSES of many celebrities are not comfortable with their partners having intimate/kissing scenes with their co-stars.

Their spouses very often visit the shooting spot to keep an eagle eye.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 4 Underworld Connection

Underworld Connection

Bollywood stars are often spotted with underworld biggies. Some of them have also dated these so called underworld biggies

Mamta kulkarni

Mandakini etc.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 5 Threat Calls

Threat Calls

Celebrities receive threat calls regarding their work.

RAKESH ROSHAN was shot by two shooters during 2001.He was going to his office and suddenly two people came on bike and shot him.

He was lucky enough as his driver was quick to take him to the hospital.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 6 Late Night Parties

Late Night Parties

These so called late night parties are not less than sex hubs, Junior artists; stand up comedians and sometimes biggies enjoy sleeping with each other and have a rocking sex.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 7 Virginity


Virginity, stands as a big question in bollywood. Actors/actress sleeps with each other during film shoot and some of them have lost it before entering bollywood

Sunny leone confessed that she lost her virginty at the age of 18



And many more

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 8 NEPOTISM


Nepotism has becomes the rule of this dirty game. Unless one is someone related to an established film family, one has no real chance of a successful career in bollywood.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 9 Sexualisation of actresses

Sexualisation of actresses

This is one of the bitter truths about this industry. The women of this industry have always been seen as a sexual character and have become a fashion in today’s scenario and happen in one out of every two movies. A survey revealed that 35% of female characters feature nudity.

Bollywood Shocking Secrets 10 Depression, Alcoholism and Mysterious Deaths

Depression, Alcoholism and Mysterious Deaths

Many actors and actresses had also gone under depression and alcoholism in this industry, while some died under mysterious circumstances. Parveen Bobby was one of the most successful actresses of her time who went in depression, abused drugs and alcohol and died in very pathetic condition. On the other hand, Divya Bharti was one of the rising actresses of her time who died under mysterious circumstances which are still unknown

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